June 18, 2024

Dr Sachin Mittal

If you are not been able to stick to your New Year resolutions, you are not alone. Most New Year resolutions don’t last because they are not accompanied by changes in our day-to-day habits. So, instead of opting for resolutions; let’s think about developing new habits… rather healthy lifestyle changes that we can adopt and stick to. Some such practices that can make 2022 a happy and healthy year for everyone

1More water, less sugar Water has healing as well as nurturing abilities. Many problems ranging from premature aging to obesity or even lifestyle disorders will disappear if we start drinking more water. Similarly, sugar might give temporary satisfaction but it’s definitely not healthy at all. In fact, whenever you have a craving for something sweet, drink water instead.

2Eat without screens Nowadays most people eat staring at their laptop or mobiles. They are never able to enjoy their food besides by the time their mind gets the satiety signal, they have eaten far more than needed. Let’s enjoy meals without indulging in any other activity. That’s mindful eating.

3A walk a day keeps obesity away Walking four to five times a week for at least 45 minutes or more goes a long way in keeping us healthy. If you can’t walk for 45 minutes at a stretch, even a five-minute interval in between counts; or you can even divide it into 15-minute chunks. Use stairs; walk while talking on the phone or in office corridors. Every small bit counts. Remember, sitting is the new smoking.

4Have a colourful diet Our current diet has too much white and brown in the form of refined flour-based junk foods and sugary drinks. Add more greens and reds of fruit and vegetables, greys and yellows of millets; and all shades of berries in your diet. A colourful plate is the easiest way to stay healthy and fit.

5Plan your meals Not just your finances, plan your meals as it is an investment in health. In absence of planning, we end up eating anything readily available that is usually processed/ junk/ ready-to-eat food. So, if we are working or even travelling, pack some nuts/seeds/dry fruits rather than searching apps for food delivery.

6 Have a fixed sleeping

schedule Want to live longer? Sleep on time and for at least seven hours a day. Our hormones get affected because of an erratic sleep schedule. And that promotes weight gain.

7Slow down We should set an easy pace of life instead of rushing around all the time. It only leads to stress and we all know stress can lead to many lifestyle diseases.

8Celebrate a ‘Sun’day every week Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that the body needs and it’s something that we can get for free from sunlight. People with sufficient levels of Vitamin-D not just have stronger bones but better Covid outcomes. Get some sunlight at least once a week.

9 Maintain your health balance sheet day It’s important to get our health check-up done once every year. This helps us to be proactive rather than being reactive when it comes to our health.

10Bring back pen and paper in your life Rather than whiling away time on mobile phones, it’s better to jot down our thoughts on paper. So how about starting a gratitude journal this year? Every day, before sleeping, write at least three things you are grateful for — a good remedy for mental peace and strength.

Because happiness doesn’t bring gratitude, gratitude brings happiness!

(Dr Mittal is a Chandigarh-based endocrinologist)