July 22, 2024
4 Benefits of Healthy Living

Does it pay to live a healthful lifestyle? The short answer to that perennial question is yes, but the details are not so obvious. You’ll often hear that one of the advantages of good health is being able to buy life insurance at a lower price. But what if you don’t want or need life coverage? If that’s the case, and if you already have a policy in place, living a healthy life could mean that you decide you no longer need life insurance. In addition to selling a policy for cash, folks who keep an eye on their physical and mental health save money in lots of other ways.

Plus, there’s the inner sense of control that comes with having years of productive living ahead of you. In some ways, longevity is its own reward because those extra years give people the chance to travel, enjoy grandchildren, and do things they never had time to do while attending to a full-time career.  What are some of the most common benefits of staying healthy? In no particular order, here are four that have universal appeal.

More Money

Choosing to eat right, visit a doctor regularly, stop smoking, and avoid high-risk sports has many advantages, but one is related to cold, hard cash. For most people who begin to moderate their lifestyles, there are fewer trips through the fast-food line, fewer illnesses, no costly bar tabs, and no worries about the monthly money drain of paying for a cigarette habit. Simply put, by putting physical wellbeing first, you’ll often discover that you have more money left over at the end of the month.

Proceeds From Life Settlements

If you decide that your insurance coverage no longer makes sense for original beneficiaries, it’s probably a good time to consider selling the policy for cash. Step one is to review an online guide that explains the process in detail and shows you how to find out what your current coverage would fetch were you to sell it today. This move can be especially advantageous for people who expect to live long lives, don’t have a need to financially provide for beneficiaries, and look forward to not having to pay premiums on coverage they no longer need or want.

A Sense of Control

Making efforts to keep your body in good shape usually gives people a deep down sense of control. By making smart choices about diet, exercise, and medical care, you’re taking the reins of your own actions and taking the power away from negative situations like obesity, weak lungs, and generally poor health. Plus, one of the long-term benefits is a positive mental attitude, which can go a long way toward building a happy, content life.


Who doesn’t want to live longer? Have you ever noticed that insurance companies charge higher rates for people who smoke, drink alcohol in excess, are overweight, or who take part in risky activities? Insurance carriers are in business to earn profits, and they charge unhealthy policyholders’ higher premiums because those folks tend to die at younger ages than people who take good care of themselves.