June 24, 2024

Since all homes experience wear and tear over time, it’s essential to perform home renovations after some years. From repairs to modifications, you’d want to improve and make your dwelling place more comfortable for you and your loved ones.

However, once all the necessary repairs and home improvement tasks are finished, it’s time to clean up your home to complete the final transformation.

There are many things to do post-renovation, but cleaning your home from sawdust, construction debris, solvents, spills, and clutter should be prioritised.

While your home is finally refurbished according to how you envision it, you’ll only be able to witness the final result once your home is sparkling clean. Therefore, schedule a post-renovation clean-up after the construction tasks are fulfilled and finalised.

Here are some tips to get you started on your post-renovation home cleaning.

1. Clear away all clutter And rubbish

After fulfilling all home improvement jobs, it’s normal for the workers to leave a mess and some litter.

Having dirt and dust in your home can give off the impression that it is messy or untidy.

Now that the contractor has gone, you can take some time to clean everything and have plenty of space for new pieces of furniture.

You can seek the help of a waste management provider near your area, such as Hire skip bin to accommodate all the rubbish left from your home makeover renovation.

It’s highly likely that your home will be filled with leftover construction materials, sawdust, empty paint cans, plastic packaging, and other waste materials. It’s best to gather them all and throw them into your skip bins.

Take enough time to go over this clearing process. If you can’t afford to do it yourself, you can always hire cleaning professionals to do the task for you.

There are some skip bins for hire that offer a service wherein their workers will gather all the clutter for you and pick them up from your property.

Before clearing away the smaller items like sawdust, plastics, or papers lying around, take care of all of the bulkier items first. This will give you enough space to move around while continuing to declutter.

Dust will be the first thing you notice upon entering the renovated area of the house.

While workers try to be careful with their construction activities, it’s highly unavoidable for some dust and small particles to fly here and there.

Your contractors typically sweep the floor for debris but will leave the rest unless cleaning post-renovation is included in their services.

No matter how much they cleaned after renovation, you’ll still find some sawdust and leftover dirt in hidden corners and nooks. For that reason, it’s best to vacuum everywhere in your home.

Vacuuming the floors is a good starting point, but continue doing it on all surfaces you can find. If you’re cleaning your home after renovations, you should focus on unreachable spaces as they’re usually difficult to clean.

Don’t skip on any space, and include vacuuming the cushion seats of your furniture. Using the best quality vacuum machine will give you the best results.

Next, you will need to wipe surfaces. It’s essential to start by cleaning the walls in any new space since they can also hide dust and other particles that the naked eye can’t see.

Look for the best wiping method to apply when dealing with painted walls. Although a wet cloth is best for wiping dust away from tables and chairs, you must use dry-wiping when it comes to your walls.

Check out some cleaning materials that are intended to dust away walls. Also, try to evaluate stained surfaces and ensure that your wet cloth won’t affect their original condition.

Some stains might transfer on the fabric, so use duster tools or dry cloth instead. When the whole area is already clean and dust-free, you can now set yourself up for the perfect renovation fitout.

4. Focus on cleaning filters and vents

Renovation dust and dirt often fall into these areas, so make sure you pay attention to them when cleaning post-construction.

The grate or vent may need to be removed, and you should vacuum the inside if it’s safe.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to change your air filter and clean your window air conditioner when you complete a home upgrade.

In the days after a renovation, the air can be pretty dusty and full of chemical fumes. Dust and fumes can be dangerous for those with respiratory issues, so make sure that to take heed on precautions.

In particular, if you have renovated a large part of your house, it’s essential to clean your air vents. You may approach the best air duct cleaning services to have them professionally cleaned.

If you’ve ever experienced any kind of home renovation, you know that cleaning the space afterward is no small task.

However, with the right tips to apply like the ones mentioned above, you can effectively get rid of clutter, dust, chemicals, and toxins released by some home renovation procedures.

Your home will only be comfortable and fully livable when you take enough time to make sure everything is tidy, clean and organised.