May 29, 2024

Are kitchen remodeling plans on your horizon this year? If you share that kitchen, chances are you’ll also be sharing some of the decision-making that comes with a renovation.

And believe me, kitchens are a high-stakes game. 

I’m midway through a full house renovation of a Victorian in Beechmont with my best friend and business partner, Mike, as well as four renovations into an eventual full building overhaul of a small apartment building we recently purchased in Old Louisville. We probably have more, shall we say, heated discussions about the design of the kitchens than the rest of the spaces put together. 

We’ve managed to work through all of our differences (with concerted effort!), but it made me wonder: what are some best practices for any two or more people renovating a kitchen together? That could be married or cohabitating partners, housemates, a multi-generational family situation, or other duos like Mike and I that aren’t related but share responsibility for the design.