July 19, 2024
<strong>7 Tips to become a Pro in SAFe Scrum Master Certification</strong>

Many organization has adopted the SAFe and Scrum frameworks to build agile tech stacks. SAFe framework helps to deliver the product fast which eventually satisfies the clients.

Here are some tips and tricks to nail the SAFe Scrum Master certification. While you understand the basic training structures, chances are high to become a pro in certifications.  Here are some 7 tips to excel in SAFe Scrum Master Certification,

  1. Understand your certification

Whether it is SAFe Scrum Master training or high school exams you must know the rules and patterns of any certification because without understanding those basics you couldn’t even assume on how to master those certifications. As an aspiring professional, you must know the no of questions asked, the timing duration, and whether it is MCQ or theory questions. 

Don’t get stunned , Its just a normal exam conducted to understand your knowledge of SAFe scrum frameworks and guides you valuable insight to apply on real-time projects. The SAFe Scrum Master training consists of 45 MCQ questions with an exam duration of 90 minutes, and the passing score is 73%.

  1. Set Goals 

Before enrolling in an SSM training certification course, set short goals to review the topics thoroughly.  While preparing for any training setting short goals helps to track and be productive while training. By just continuously learning, one can’t become a pro in their certification. 

Analyze how long it takes to consume one new topic and try to implement those learnings in real-time, it helps to enhance your practical knowledge and improve training process.

Once you understand those topics thoroughly, don’t cover them repeatedly. Go through the next topic and deep dive into the nuances.

  1. Consume content from industry experts 

The internet is evolving daily and domain influencers have started to help aspiring learners by producing content on different social platforms. So, Once you enroll in the SAFe scrum master training, start consuming content from other domain experts, which helps to ace exams. The top video engine has been helpful for various activities. 

One of the significant aspects of that platform is that it’s been producing enormous educational content for its users. Video content is an effective way to grasp the lessons fully , because visuals play a huge part in our life. 

In simple words don’t just learn from your training lessons also improve your education by consuming helpful content which will give wider knowledge regarding this course.

  1. Conduct small tests 

Learning from your training institutes will help you become a pro in certifications. Conduct some minor tests on your own but be honest with yourself it will will display your knowledge capabilities to yourself. 

These tests will help to analyze your learning progress. In simple words, It’s just an activity where one could evaluate his strengths and weaknesses and perform better. 

  1. Learn from your mistakes

After completing an individual mock test, one must analyze the knowledge efficiency you obtained while consuming these trainings. 

By analyzing your score, you can know your learning progress. This helps to improve your memory on a new topic and you can concentrate on your flaws.

Self-analyzing your test displays your topics to improve, which questions are more important, converting weaknesses to strengths, focus, and all. 

  1. Cover the topics from the textbook

Understand and go through all the topics covered in the SSM training, they will provide textbooks so that you won’t miss any lessons which will assist you in becoming a pro in exams.

The training providers might also give you a workbook to know all the patterns and frameworks of Scrum Master, So, as a professional, your job is to cover all the topics. 

  1. Collaborate with your colleagues 

Be curious while learning this course because curiosity helps to ask more doubts to your trainers and broadens your knowledge. 

Also, don’t just attend workshops to get SAFe scrum master training also collaborate with your colleagues and chat with them about your domain experiences, opportunities available, salary hikes, and all. While interacting with other aspiring professionals provides extra education and helps you become a master in certifications. 

Because Networking is an amazing way to attract more opportunities.


Attending SAFe scrum master training is an efficient way to learn about the booming technologies nowadays while building frameworks and their value will continuously increase due to its efficient way of building tech stacks. Attending these SSM training will enhance your engineering knowledge of building effective frameworks and helps to perform better inside your organization.