June 18, 2024

You could say Tara Sowlaty Lehrer knows a little something about the ingredients of a healthy lifestyle. The chef learned to cook through the lens of natural foods and then became a nutritionist, too.

These days, Sowlaty Lehrer taps into her training as a chef to help people make healthy nutrition decisions throughout their week. “I also teach them how to take matters into their own hands and create nourishing meals on their own,” she says.

Inspiring autonomy in her clients is something she takes seriously. “We are in charge of our health — and feeling empowered in this belief is what will keep you on track for the rest of your life,” she says.

However, her biggest trick to help clients stay healthy doesn’t involve sweating over the stove all day. It’s about easy cooking with strong flavors. “Learning an involved recipe that takes an hour to make is not something you can keep up with in everyday life. That’s why I like to teach people simple recipes that they will actually make, which is how I personally cook every day,” she says.

Eating well is obviously a big part of how she takes care of herself from the inside out, but so are some daily self-care staples that help her unwind from head to toe without breaking the bank. Here, the chef shares her fun, simple, and affordable tips. Take notes.

tara sowlaty lehrer

Photo by Tara Sowlaty Lehrer

Make breakfast your favorite meal of the day

Sowlaty Lehrer begins her mornings with a protein-rich breakfast. A morning meal composed of just over 50 percent protein can increase the release of some satiety hormones, which can help you feel fuller longer. “That sustainable hit of energy in the morning makes you more inclined to make healthy choices throughout the day,” she says.

She also packs some nutrient-rich snacks in her bag to have on hand in between meals. Brazil nuts, for example, are one of her go-to’s, because they are an excellent source of good fats, protein, and selenium, she says.

Her other must: good old-fashioned H2O. “Drinking water throughout the day is extremely important for your overall health and digestion,” she says. Sowlaty Lehrer brings a refillable bottle with her everywhere. “When your bottle is close by, you’ll be reminded to drink it more often.”

tara sowlaty lehrer stretching

Photo by Tara Sowlaty Lehrer

Rebrand exercise as “movement”

“My body craves movement,” Sowlaty Lehrer says. “I try to remind myself that, even when I’m tired or feel unmotivated, how I feel afterward is truly everything,” she says. And this is a biggie: “I try not to call it ‘exercise’ because I think that has an inherent pressure-filled notion to it.”

For Sowlaty Lehrer, daily movement comes in the form of morning walks with her family, yoga, 15-minute high-energy online workouts, and an occasional bike ride.

mywalgreens credit card

Photo by Tara Sowlaty Lehrer

Keep track of money saved on wellness

If you turn saving money into a game or challenge, particularly when it comes to health and wellness, it can be easier to invest in yourself.

“Every time I shop at Walgreens with the myWalgreens™ Credit Card, I earn Walgreens Cash rewards: 10 percent rewards on Walgreens-branded products* (exclusions apply) and 5 percent rewards for almost everything else storewide — even at the pharmacy* (exclusions apply),” she says.

If you’re approved for the myWalgreens Mastercard®, you can earn 3 percent Walgreens Cash rewards on grocery and health and wellness purchases outside Walgreens (spas, gym memberships, workout equipment purchased at sporting goods stores, etc.)* and 1 percent anywhere else Mastercard® is accepted (fitness apps, juicers, and more).*

This will allow Sowlaty Lehrer to earn a considerable amount of Walgreens Cash rewards, which can be applied as savings on her future purchases from Walgreens.

Take vitamins in gummy form

The chef/nutritionist takes vitamins every morning with breakfast and leaves them on her counter so she doesn’t forget. One of her go-to’s is Walgreens Collagen Gummies + Vitamin C. “These gummies are easier to take because they’re so yummy (they have a delicious citrus flavor),” she says.

“First and foremost, I look for potency in a vitamin,” she says. “It’s important to me that it’s not filled with extra fillers and unnecessary ingredients.”

olive oil drizzled

Photo by Tara Sowlaty Lehrer

Drizzle olive oil over everything

Healthy fats are critical for health, particularly when it comes to your brain and heart. They are a staple in Sowlaty Lehrer’s diet, but olive oil is her favorite.

“I’m olive oil obsessed,” Sowlaty Lehrer says. “It’s one of the most special ingredients on the planet. I use it to cook with and top off almost everything. It’s rich in fat-soluble vitamin K and vitamin E, and it has wonderful antioxidant properties,” she says.


Photo by Tara Sowlaty Lehrer

Indulge in massages daily

You don’t need a professional masseuse to reap the rewards of regular massages. Sowlaty Lehrer uses Theragun Mini Massage Device to ease aches. “It can relieve muscle tension and increase blood flow — and absolutely stands in for an amazing targeted massage.”

She likes that it hits areas of pain like nothing else she has tried. “I have chronic pain in my shoulder that is hard to reach,” she says, “and the Theragun is the only thing that can really target it — and it’s portable.”

lighting candle

Photo by Tara Sowlaty Lehrer

Make bath time spa time

Sowlaty Lehrer’s ultimate way to unwind is a candlelit bath set to chill jazz music. “I take a bath once a week for me-time, usually in the evenings, and add Walgreens Lavender Epsom Salt, which not only smells delicious but also soothes my muscles and truly relaxes me.”

She likes Patriot Candles Soy Blend Candle Vanilla Rose, which sets a relaxing mood fast and “smells so divine,” she says. “My two favorite scents are vanilla and rose, and this is a beautiful blend of the two. It has a wonderful scent once it’s burned in the house as well.”

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