December 2, 2023

With temperatures dropping, everyone’s firing up their fire pits right now—and this primitive heap of logs has gotten a lot more luxe of late.

If the photos on Instagram are anything to go by, fire pits are the new favorite “outdoor room” to decorate. Whether you’re craving comfort or a festive vibe for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and beyond, ideas abound on how to add some pizzazz to your fire pit area.

Here are some fire pit decor ideas worth considering so you and your friends and family will want to linger by the fire long into the night.

1. Fire pit pavers

Pavers or other landscaping materials give definition to your fire pit space, helping to create an outdoor “room.” This “carving out” of a safe space within the vastness of nature brings a sense of intimacy to the setting.

“Masonry and a paver deck is a great way to add to your outdoor fire pit area, and create specific areas to entertain family and friends,” says Stacy Schneider, senior interior and exterior designer at Creative Environments.

2. Adirondack chairs

If you hope to wile away the hours by your fire pit, you’ll absolutely need comfortable seating. And you can’t go wrong with the iconic Adirondack chair—a familiar sight on porches, decks, and backyards across America.

This chair’s durable construction combined with comfort makes it a popular choice for fire pit seating. Though the chair is traditionally built of wood, new materials like Polywood offer the look of wood with the benefit of weatherproofing.


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3. Comfortable cushions

Adirondack chairs, with their backward sloping seats, conform to the body so they’re surprisingly comfortable. However, the seats can be hard after sitting a while. The solution? Seat cushions.

Look for cushions in fabric like Sunbrella that can repel water, mildew, and mold. You can also get materials that are fade-proof, too. Cushions with removable covers can be laundered as necessary to stay looking as nice as they feel. Choose bright, festive colors that will look as good by day as they do at night.

4. String lights

Now, let’s talk ambiance. Nothing is more effective for creating a festive outdoor atmosphere than string lights.

“String lighting is a great way to draw attention to your outdoor living area and fire pit,” says Schneider. “It can be like sitting in your very own bistro.”

If you don’t have an outdoor outlet for string lights, you’ve got battery-powered options at your disposal.

5. Candles

Not into string lights? Go old-school with candles. Outdoor use of candles is as practical as it is picturesque, since scented candles such as citronella can help ward away pesky mosquitoes.

6. Cozy blankets

Just as with cushions, a cozy blanket can amp up your comfort level, ensuring even during the chilliest hours that you and your guests can stay warm enough to keep the party going.

Blankets can also add a pop of color, particularly if you choose a throw in a vivid hue. Or try a textured knit with a fringe to engage your tactile and visual senses. The Danish call the effect “hygge” and credit it with helping them get through their long, cold winter nights.

7. Throw pillows

Pillows are another cozy element to embellish your fire pit area with that are practical as well as beautiful. They increase the comfort of your outdoor seating while adding a touch of eye candy to the decor.

As with cushions, look for pillows in fabric like Sunbrella that repel water, mildew, and mold, and are fade-proof. Or, if you find pillows you like that are not weather-friendly, spray them with a fabric treatment so they’ll hold up nicely outdoors.

8. Fire pit food

You can’t light an outdoor fire without thinking of roasted marshmallows. Your guests will certainly thank you if you present them with all the makings for s’mores. But is it safe to cook over a fire pit?

“It’s 100% OK to cook s’mores over a fire pit,” says Schneider. This goes for wood-burning or gas pits. However, this is not a good place to break out some hot dogs or to barbecue meats, since the grease or drippings from the food will clog your burners and make a mess.

Even with marshmallows, you’ll also want to make sure kids keep their distance from the flames, so the longer your marshmallow sticks, the better (or try a telescopic option).