June 23, 2024

The launch of ARORA programming and events solidify Life Time’s mission and position as the champion for those 90 days to 90+ years in the healthy living, healthy aging and healthy entertainment space. Research shows healthy living and strength training is key to longevity and can reverse the aging process.

A variety of ARORA programs and activities are now available across the company’s 160+ high-end health clubs and athletic resorts, including:

  • Specifically designed aqua, cardio, strength and 360/total body classes, along with other formats curated from Life Time’s exclusive programming that are low impact and can be easily modified, if needed.
  • A complimentary session with a certified fitness professional who is an expert in the human body, how it works and the changes that can happen with normal aging. They’ll help members with a plan and orient them to the fitness floor.
  • Sports like pickleball, recently expanded to over 100 clubs, and tennis that provide a great way to exercise plus a fun opportunity for healthy competition.
  • Social activities starting with a twice-weekly Coffee Club, as well as soon-to-come game clubs and ARORA Mixers
  • Educational workshops to learn not only more about equipment, exercise, and nutrition, but all the aspects of a healthy way of life.

“Our commitment at Life Time is to impact the health of every generation. Today’s Baby Boomers, now 55 to 75 years young, are nearly 69 million strong in the United States but they are not old. In fact, many of them are more active now than in any previous stage of their life,” said Renee Main, Life Time senior vice president. “Through ARORA’s programs and offerings, we’re here to support active agers who are already thriving and to help others improve their physical, social, mental and emotional well-being—and have fun while doing so.”

With greater guidance on where to start, ARORA programming creates an environment that brings joy and community to combat the potential loneliness, fears and frustration that many can feel as a result of isolation and health conditions. In addition to social interactions, ARORA formats have no or low impact, helping to build muscular strength, improve mobility, increase cardiovascular endurance, improve balance, flexibility, and self-confidence – a formula that supports overall physical, emotion, and mental well-being.

“Through our thoughtful ARORA programming, members will find many ways to move every day, build strength, find new hobbies, and interact with new and old friends as they live healthy, happy lives,” added Main. “Our curated ARORA classes, training, workshops, sports, and events will be available at Life Time daily and weekly, and support big health benefits – both physical and mental.”

Most ARORA activities are included in a Life Time membership and many Life Time destinations participate in Medicare fitness benefit plans such as SilverSneakers, Silver & Fit, Renew Active, and OnePass. For more information, please visit www.lifetime.life/arora.

About Life Time®
Over nearly 30 years, Life Time (NYSE: LTH) has reshaped the way consumers approach their health through omnichannel, healthy way of life communities that address all aspects of healthy living, healthy aging and healthy entertainment. More than 30,000 Life Time professionals are dedicated to providing the best programs and experiences at more than 160 Life Time athletic resort destinations in the United States and Canada, and via a complementary, comprehensive digital platform and portfolio of iconic athletic events – all with the objective of inspiring healthier, happier lives.

SOURCE Life Time, Inc.