July 15, 2024
A Healthy Work-Life Balance Can Support a Better Lifestyle | Rob Hourmont

If you love yourself it’s easy but you must be aware of your actions.


Have Fun, Relax and Enjoy Life, not only WorkRob Hourmont

With my coaching, I talk with a lot of people daily on- and offline. 90% struggle to find a good, healthy, and happy work-life balance.

Why may that be, do you think? When I question them and analyze their answer, the primary reason is always the same. My work is so demanding, I’m so busy and I don’t have enough time in the day to do much for myself, let alone practice any self-care or wellness.

Is it because:

Do you have to work that hard?

It’s just the way it is?

Do you have a demanding high-powered job?

Do you have deadlines, pressure, and responsibilities?

You can’t let your boss or the team down for fear of being fired?

The list goes on and on, but it’s always pointing in the same direction, to the same culprit — work!

That clearly tells you you’re lacking balance, no, you’re lacking life. You’ve become a slave to work and work has consumed you and become your life.

I believe you must do everything in your power to live a good and healthy life and to guard your “me time” like a freaking fortress, and not let anybody in unless they are close family and very few friends.

Let’s be honest, few friends are all that interested in your long-term health, mostly they’re interested in your wealth and how much fun or benefits you can bring to their table.

Once you’re not a “fun camper” anymore, most friends jump ship like rats on a sinking boat. I know, it happened to me in classic style in 2012 when my 2 companies in Europe sank like the titanic.

All, and I say all of my “great buddies” were gone with the wind before I take a bathroom break!

I was like, wait, where is everyone? So, I called one of my best employees at the time — a semi-friend. Where is everyone I asked? He didn’t reply at first, instead just kind of stuttered. Then he said, well Rob, it seems you and the companies ate running short of money, so they all decided to move on.

Just like that, nobody asked me about my plan or how they could help. Nope was the dry reply.

That was a big lesson in my life. And from that day on I’ve kept my distance to most so-called friendships, and instead made myself my best friend, along with my core family members.

Today I can say with ease and happy confidence I don’t have any close friends anymore, just a few people I keep in touch with from time to time, and that’s it.

Instead, I focus on making my life the best I can, and I also changed my work to become part of me and the life I want to live on my terms.

And that’s how I found my work-life balance.

A quick and valuable lesson I learned today.

I client I’m working with about her work-life imbalance and stressors told me about one of her female colleagues and what she said yesterday in a management meeting.

She was asked to put in overtime, attend some after-work hours meetings, and submit reports after that.

Her answer direct answer to the leader:

That’s never going to happen, I have a life. She left the meeting, and she did not get fired. What she did earn was respect.

Good on you!

Saying no from time to time is gold!

Respect you, your life, your personal time, and make you your priority, not work. You’ll go much further and be in peace with that mindset.