May 29, 2024
Conservative pundit Ann Coulter spoke to a large crowd at Glass Hall on the Missouri State University campus on Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021.

Speaking before a more than 150-person crowd including elected officials, conservative pundit Ann Coulter urged Missouri State University conservatives to focus on the issues of “crime, immigration, and wokeness” to win elections. 

The Republican firebrand also doubled down Thursday night on her controversial view that women should not have the right to vote “because women see the government as their husbands.”

Coulter was invited by the MSU chapter of Turning Point USA, a nationwide college campus conservative advocacy group. The event was also organized by the Leadership Institute, which “identifies, trains, recruits and places conservatives in politics, government, and media,” according to their website. 

While introducing Coulter, Missouri State TPUSA president Loren Rutherford said she was “incredibly grateful” that Coulter decided to “invest in our students today by bringing her thoughts and ideas to Missouri State.”