July 16, 2024
Basic Principles of World Class Manufacturing

World Class Manufacturing is when a business is recognised a providing a specific level of quality in their product or service. Companies which are have been given this recognition provide an extremely high level of quality on a continual basis. However, there are several areas in which you can be recognised as it would be a stupid expectation for companies to be able to achieve this in every area of their business.

However, there are 3 main principles behind WCM.

Principle 1

The first principle is that of Just In Time or Lean Manufacturing. This is when production takes place with the absolute minimum amount of waste. In this context waste is considered any activity which costs the company but does not add to the quality or value of the end product.

Principle 2

The second principle is complete quality. This is when the entire company, every single employee not matter how much or little responsibility they have, understands that in no way can there be any defects in either processes or product outcome. Nowadays total quality is referred to as Six Stigma.

Principle 3

This third principle is total preventative maintenance. This is when a system is put in place so that if unplanned stoppages or halts to production occur then the minimum amount of time and energy is wasted.

So as you can see reaching World Class Manufacturing means incorporating many different techniques into your working processes, this is why it is very silly to expect businesses to be able to achieve this in every single area.