July 19, 2024
Benefits of Buying Tibetan Silver Wholesale Jewelry

Tibetan silver jewelry represents the traditions of Tibet. Tibet people love their silver jewelry. They strongly believe that by wearing any kind of Tibetan silver they will be safe from anything hazardous or harmful. They also believe that by wearing silver jewelry bad luck turns into good luck. In most places it is also treated as a symbol of dignity, prosperity and style.

Changing fashion trends – embracing traditional

With changing fashion trends even non-Tibetans own Tibetan jewelry, as it is very attractive. They also believe that this jewelry can bring good days back into their lives, so it is popular with both Tibetans and non-Tibetans.

It is interesting that people who like traditional jewelry and wholesale wooden buttons have a very romantic view of Tibetan jewelry. They believe that these are the really delightful, mysterious, beautiful and unusual ornaments. Many people who admire this jewelry say that they like it because it is not just attractive but also has some mystery about it. The people of Tibet believe that if someone wears this jewelry, they can avoid disease. They also have a strong belief that having it can bring prosperity in life and can remove the fear of death.

Benefits of buying it from wholesale dealers

Because this is very popular, many jewelry lovers like to own wholesale Tibetan jewelry, as wholesale jewelry is available at cheaper prices. Tibetan silver jewelry is so beautiful that it is increasingly sold at a number of trade publications on the Internet. It is possible that you may not get genuine stuff or you may get poorly made designs. Even if you are buying it in bulk, it is always good to buy it from genuine merchants.

Unique silver

Tibetans mostly wear jewelry made of silver, and the silver that they wear is not the .925 silver that we are familiar with. The quality of silver that they wear is very rare and unique and is, in fact, a combination of nickel and copper. People who know about traditional jewels, especially wooden buttons, understand the importance of Tibetan jewels. It is often seen that Tibetan style jewels, like Tibetan connectors, clasps and stylish beads, are made of a very unique type of silver.

Most of the Tibetan jewelry is handmade

If you have ever worn Tibetan jewels you must have noticed that most of them are handmade. Handmade jewelry and ornaments are popular with people in modern society. Many of the artists or the designers make Tibetan jewelry because they receive plenty of orders for different styles made in different patterns. It is very simple to make Tibetan style jewelry; those people who have a little experience of beading or jewelry can make it very easily.

Tibetan jewelry became big business as Tibetan people, for various reasons, began to sell their handmade family jewelry in the mid 20th century. As the demand for it increased, it sold for more, so export of this jewelry increased at a phenomenal pace until cheap exports took their place. This became the trend, and so Tibetan silver underwent a dramatic change in quality from the traditional to the modern fashion jewelry.