July 15, 2024
Brightly Releases Trends Report That Highlights 22 Innovations That Will Shape the Sustainability Space in 2022

SEATTLE, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Brightly, the #1 destination for conscious consumers that reaches over 2.2M millennial and Gen Z women every single day, is spotlighting innovative eco-friendly initiatives in a new way. The company’s first-ever Sustainability Trends Report reveals 22 predictions for how the sustainability space will evolve this year.

In partnership with Aspiration, Brightly’s team of experts—along with industry veterans—used their knowledge to identify exciting eco-ideas that will make the world brighter in 2022 and beyond. The trends span across six categories: fashion, beauty, home, food, lifestyle, and wellness.

“Brightly is reaching millions of conscious consumers every day and our audience is increasingly at the forefront of some of these trends,” says Laura Alexander Wittig, founder and CEO of Brightly. “We came up with this report because of our community. They come to us with the questions, and we do the research and guide them on their journey to becoming conscious consumers.”

Highlights from Brightly’s 2022 Sustainability Trends Report include:

  • Purchasing With Purpose: More Consumers Are Shopping With Their Values: It’s never been easier to click “buy now.” The solution to this problem of overconsumption is multifaceted, but now—more than ever—consumers are choosing to shop with their values and purchase with purpose.

  • Bringing the Outside In: Indoor Gardening, Biophilic Furniture, and Beyond: The pandemic made us adapt to going about our daily lives within the confines of four walls. Today, people are still bringing a touch of the outside in, which has resulted in a boom of indoor gardening, houseplants, living green walls, biophilic furniture, and more.

  • Living in a World of Climate Anxiety Has Resulted in the Rise of Self-Sustainability: With the rise of climate anxiety, we’re seeing a new kind of “self-sustainability” practice evolve. Because how can we change as a society if we’re not taking care of ourselves first?

  • Consumers Are Saying No to Excess H2O With Waterless Beauty: Thanks to the waterless beauty trend, you’ll soon be seeing even more options available—shampoo, makeup, and beyond—that are either powdered concentrates or have been formulated entirely without water.

To read the full report, which includes 22 sustainability trends, visit https://brightly.eco/earth-month-2022/

More Information About Brightly:

Brightly is the #1 destination for conscious consumers, reaching over 2.2M millennial and Gen Z women every single day. It’s a positive, inclusive, non-judgmental, and informative space filled with empowering daily content that teaches people how to live sustainably and become more conscious consumers. We take the eco-overwhelm out of the picture, helping our community take small daily steps that add up to a huge impact. Brightly’s approach to changing the world has been covered by TechCrunch, invested in by Snapchat, and highlighted by Apple.

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