July 15, 2024
Cebuano English  2

In the previous article, Cebuano English 1, we learned about asking questions in Cebuano then looking at their equivalent phrases in English. Now we will continue learning with Cebuano with another set of questions that are common in everyday Cebuano conversations.

E. Common Quesion 5: Are you tired?

English – “Cebuano”

Are you tired? – “Gikapoy ka ba?”

I’m not yet tired – “Wala pa ko gikapoy”

Yes, I’m tired now – “Oo, gikapoy na ako”

I’m almost tired – “Hapit nako kapuya”

I don’t get tired – “Dili man ko gakapuyon”

F. Common Question 6: “Where is your friend?”

English – “Cebuano”

Where is your friend? – “Asa imong higala?”

He is in his room – “Naa sa iyang kwarto”

In his class – “Tua sa iyang klase”

He’s not here – “Wala dinhi”

I don’t know – “Ambot lang”

He’s left already – “Gilakaw na”

G. Common Question 7: “Do you know him?”

English – “Cebuano”

Do you know him? – “Kaila ka niya?”

Yes, I know him – “Wala ko makaila niya”

I forgot his name – “Nalimtan ko ang iyang ngalan”

H. Common Question 8: “Are you coming to the Philippines?”

English – “Cebuano”

Maybe, next year – “Basin sa sunod tuig”

I’m not sure – “Dili ko sigurado”

Not yet; no – “Dilipa; dili”

I. Common Question 9: “When will you study Cebuano?”

English – “Cebuano”

When will you study Cebuano? – “Kanus-a ka magtuon ug Cebuano?”

I will study next month – “Sa sunod bulan ko magtuon”

I want to study now – “Gusto ko magtuon na karon”

I want to study RIGHT AWAY! – “Gusto ko magtuon na karon dayon!”

Practice these questions along with the questions on the first lesson .Remember it’s not that difficult to learn Cebuano once you really put your heart into it. With the proper introduction to the language and the best Cebuano material available you’ll learn Cebuano quickly and easily.