July 16, 2024
Concept of Human Right Education

Human Right Education is the education that caters to the development of overall human personality. It includes respecting of rights, fulfillment of basic needs, and ensuring fundamental freedom to all human beings. The key purpose of venturing into this field of education is to promote understanding of basic human needs and stimulate the need to spread humanity, love, and brotherhood amongst nations.

In the words of UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura “Human rights education is indispensable for every individual to fully enjoy and claim a life of security and dignity. It is indispensable for public officials to give effect to human rights commitments by the State. Finally, it is indispensable for the entire society to develop and nurture a human rights culture as a prerequisite of harmonious and peaceful development”.

It’s true that this kind of education is of utmost important for one and all to ensure a secured, respectful, and courteous life. It is one step that takes the world together with a desire to create a strong foundation of universal culture of rights and freedom.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the strength of this foundation can opt for various courses under the stream. There are many options available for students to gain access to the kind of culture. Some of the common and most acceptable courses are as follows:

• Foundation course is a one that imparts learning of values and norms with regards to justice, fraternity, and equality. It also includes awareness of civil society organizations and special initiatives or measures that can be taken to promote human rights.

• Certificate course is specially designed for special groups like civil segments, law enforcement personnel, and social groups.

• Under-graduate course gives the basic understanding of human rights and its importance in the social life.

• Post-graduate diploma course is more advanced and progressive with regards to the culture of human rights and fundamental freedom.

• Post-graduate degree is interdisciplinary in nature and undertakes research and case studies on thrust areas.

All courses along with the education system works together for common set of objectives. The known objectives of this education are as follows:

• To develop interaction between social organizations, people, and education system.
• To preserve the norms and values of the society and its culture.
• To encourage research and promotional activities for the cause of overall human development.
• To promote ethics and human values those are gone into oblivion these days.
• To improve the quality of life in the society.
• To ensure a life of security and dignity.