July 19, 2024
Daytona Beach Blue G80 M3 Delivery Baby!

Many of you have more patience writing a whole delivery blog, but since i have very little patience and usually skip what most of you write and scroll to the pictures, here’s a brief review of my order process:

Ordered Brooklyn grey beginning of July and was told to wait and wait. I then decided a week later to switch the build to what I really wanted (Daytona Beach Blue) since I missed out on getting my other M’s in Yas Marina blue which always gave me a bit of FOMO.

I was on 2 waiting lists and then a few weeks later, one of the dealers (I was originally #7 in line for an allocation) called me to say that I have a WK44 build. I was pretty surprised since I figured it would be at least until March/April before I saw it. I asked him today how I got this so early and he told me BMW had a glitch and was awarding a few individual orders before standard orders even though I know the order process usually awards an allocation and then the individual has to be submitted and then accepted (I didn’t ask more since I didn’t care).

Low and behold, 5.5 months later, I just picked it up.

Individual Daytona Beach Blue
6MT (only reason I bought this car)
Sunroof (because function works for me)
And the excellent M carbon seats which feel amazing in black (168lbs 6’1”).

I drove it the 3km home with the favorite Pirelli “below Zero’s” and the slightly frozen pavement kept my attention the whole ride home after we got our first snow this weekend.

That being said, here are the pics and thanks to RockinPA for the various pictures of his Mexico Blue monster that convinced me to get Daytona Beach Blue: