June 16, 2024

What is the definition of open relationship? Do you think it is possible to love one person and be sexually active with others? Are open relationships helpful or harmful to couples? The dictionary definition of open relationship is this: An open relationship is a relationship in which the participants are free to have emotional and / or physical relationships with other partners, often within mutually agreed limits. If a couple in a relationship like this is married, it can be called an open marriage.

Different Types of Relationships

The definition of open relationship leaves plenty of room for interpretation, and people who wonder whether such a relationship would work for them can struggle to come to an agreement.

No matter what definition of open relationship you may be considering, be sure to follow safe sexual practices, and be safe with every partner, even your committed partner. While you want to feel you can trust the person you care for most, accidents can happen – so be sure to protect yourself in accordance with medical guidelines.

Positive Aspects

People who argue that the definition of open relationship allows them to have more freedom within their lives tend to believe that participating in additional intimate relationships, with or without emotional attachment, makes them better partners to the people they are committed to.

Another popular argument for opening the door to allowing outsiders in, is that agreeing to be intimate with others prevents cheating. While this might not be something we all agree with, people who agree to be involved in such relationships are often happy with the lifestyle they have chosen.

Negative Aspects

One of the most negative aspects of living within such a relationship is that you can expose yourself and your partner to sexually transmitted diseases. This is definitely a consideration to be aware of.

Another negative aspect is that you open yourself up to feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and other negative emotional feelings. How would it feel to love someone, and run the risk of your partner becoming more attached to a one night stand or occasional fling, than he or she is attached to you? This could open up a whole Pandora’s Box of emotional turmoil.

What to Do if You Want to Allow Others Into Your Relationship

If you’re the one who is considering asking your partner to live with an open relationship, approach the subject carefully. It’s likely that you’ll have a lot of explaining to do, and you could run the risk of losing your partnership.

If you need help, consider asking an online counselor how best to approach the situation. He or she can help guide you toward a workable solution with your partner.

What to Do If Your Partner Suggests Opening Your Relationship

If your partner or spouse wants to become involved in relationships with others, you may want to talk with an online counselor about whether this type of arrangement will work for you within your partnership or marriage.

A therapist can help you make a rational decision, rather than an emotional decision. He or she can help guide you through all the questions that the suggestion of living with emotional or sexual relationships with others can bring to light. For instance, why does your partner feel the way he does? Would you enjoy the same definition of open relationship?

All in all, every healthy relationship involves plenty of trust, as well as emotional maturity. In any case, be glad you’ve got the opportunity to discuss the issue openly, and you’re sure to make a decision that is best for all involved.