March 30, 2023

Keeping fit and active is incredibly important. Not only does it keep our bodies in condition and maintain our physical health, it can also serve as a way to de-stress and can offer us a number of benefits for our mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Sports clubs are increasingly popular for the incredible services and facilities they can provide. However, ladies can sometimes feel uncomfortable using a shared sports club, which is why we are seeing more and more clubs opening that cater specifically to women. Check out this guide on the most luxurious Sharjah sports club and see why it’s so popular.  

Sharjah Ladies Club

The sports club in Sharjah Ladies Club is a unique, luxury sports club destination that offers an incredible array of different services. These include fitness facilities, beauty treatments, and leisure options. 

The beachfront club is located in Sharjah, the third most populated city in the UAE. Let’s take a look at some of the services the club offers, as well as the options it offers for sun and sand sports in Sharjah.

Beauty Treatments

Guests can visit the Dalouk Wellness Spa to receive fantastic beauty treatments and relax in the luxurious atmosphere. There you’ll be able to access expert advice and guidance from a team of trained professionals, as well as the latest and best equipment and a range of natural and organic beauty products. 

Spa treatment can work wonders for your mental health and can soothe aches and pains, so check out the Dalouk Wellness Spa and treat yourself to a relaxing day. 

Sports Complex

The Sharjah Ladies Club also has an excellent sports complex where guests can take part in a range of different activities. You can go swimming in one of the pools, or take part in sports on the private beach. The club also has tennis courts where you can take lessons from qualified instructors and join regular tournaments. 

One of the main attractions at the club is the ice rink, where guests can go ice skating to improve their strength, muscle tone, and balance. This unique feature is one of the reasons why the location is considered the best sports club in Sharjah. 


After a day at the spa or an invigorating workout at the sports complex, you could well find yourself feeling hungry. Thankfully, Sharjah Ladies Club has a range of hospitality services on offer. 

The Lafeef Restaurant is an award-winning fine dining establishment, famed for its atmosphere and ambiance. A team of expert chefs are on hand to prepare an array of different dishes, with a combination of modern and traditional cuisine. The restaurant looks out onto the beachfront, making for an incredible dining experience, perfect after a day at the gym or at the spa. 


If you’re looking for a luxury ladies sports club in the UAE, you’d struggle to find somewhere more perfect than Sharjah Ladies Club. There you’ll be able to access a range of fantastic services, including beauty treatments, sports, and dining options.