June 16, 2024


How to get children to live a healthy lifestyle is something that many parents struggle with.

When you first start feeding your baby solids, you have the best of intentions. I know, I can remember buying the fresh vegetables and making the homemade baby food myself.

However this is where the fairytale more or less ended. Slowly but surely, as more children came along the processed meals and fast foods started to creep into my children’s diets. Before I knew it, what stared out as the perfect healthy lifestyle for our newborn turned into an unhealthy regime for our three children.

Does all of this sound familiar to you? Well I’m here to tell you that there is plenty you can do about it. I am going to share a couple of my top tips with you today in the remainder of this article.

Tip 1 – How To Gradually Change What You Are Feeding Your Children

There are two rules that you need to follow here.

The first is to avoid giving your children processed, convenience food. Instead, what you need to do is go back to basics and cook at home yourself.

Secondly, you need to manage the process of change by making it fun, exciting and rewarding. Fail to do this and you will find it virtually impossible to change your children’s’ eating habits quickly.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Pizzas can be healthy and fun for children if you make your own. The preparation time is only ten minutes and your kids will love the fact that you’re getting them involved with the cooking.

Tip 2 – Getting Your Children To Exercise.

Taking exercise is essential for a healthier lifestyle. To persuade your children to begin exercising, once again you are going to have to encourage them with fun activities, making it rewarding for them to begin with.

The best example of this in practise I can give you is what worked well for us as a family, although I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone!

We recently bought a Labrador puppy, which we named Riley. The effect getting Riley has been to make all of our children extremely enthusiastic about going walking twice a day and even more at weekends!