June 20, 2024

The term and idea of property maintenance was developed to provide comprehensive maintenance services to the retail, commercial and industrial sectors throughout the UK.

As the prices of the property market continue to increase there has never been more of a need to provide effective maintenance of existing property. Maintenance of property now also represents a significant proportion of the construction output.

Maintaining a building involves the need to carry out numerous tasks. This is especially true with older structures as more work may be needed on them to keep them in good working condition.

Property maintenance makes up just one of the tasks that can be carried out by a property management company. The task of property maintenance refers to several tasks and can refer to both emergency repair work and more cosmetic work. Whether you need work to be carried out such as electrical installation, building repair work or fixing a roof a property management team can perform all of these tasks as part of their property maintenance work. Also classed as property maintenance are aspects such as interior painting, plastering and carpentry work; whether aspects such as these are being done merely to improve the look or a property or because they are needed as repair work, again, a property maintenance team can perform all of these tasks.

Below are a few example of what constitutes property maintenance:

Building Repairs

Building Repairs is a broad term; it can cover straight forwards repairs that can be done within a day, through to other repairs that are more complicated where major work will needed to be carried out. Work such as this could range from weeks to even months to repair. Maintenance of your property and any alterations you might consider can save you from having to face expensive costs when things get to a point beyond repair.

Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation is a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly; even the smallest mistakes can result in severe consequences. This is why it is always best to enlist the help of a professional when it come to doing any electrical installation or repairs as part of your property maintenance.

The job of an electrician is to determine the wires that are needed for a particular home or business and to provide your property with adequate power in the safest possible way.


Carpentry stands as the largest trade out of the construction sector. Jobs within the trade range from building highways/bridges to installing kitchen cabinets.

Carpentry covers aspects of woodworking such as constructing buildings, furniture and other formations out of wood. Carpenters erect, install and repair structures which are made from wood and other materials.


Without a properly maintained roof your home is left susceptible to damage from elements of the weather. You’re roofing and guttering need to be kept in good condition to enable your property to remain weatherproof.

The type of roof that is on your property can vary. Factors such as what the building is being used for, local traditions of construction and wider concepts of architectural design can all determine whether your property has a slate roof, title roof or felt roof.