February 22, 2024

EXETER — A substantial renovation on the campus of Exeter High School is underway converting a district-owned house into a new special education living and learning center.

The center on Epping Road will teach life skills and independent living to high school students. As the first school district transitional living center in New Hampshire, this project was approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education using federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act funds.

The new independent living and learning center will enable students to learn a variety of practical skills for independent or group home living such as food preparation, kitchen skills, laundry, self-care, home maintenance and gardening.

“We believe that having our students in a setting that replicates real-life would impact their learning best and contribute greatly to their growth and development,” said SAU 16 Superintendent Dr. David Ryan. “This is part of our commitment to provide high-quality instruction for all students and this facility expands our students’ ability to access authentic learning experiences that will play a significant role in their transition out of high school.”