July 15, 2024
Exploring the Artistic Abode of Alberto Chehebar and Jocelyne Katz in Los Angeles

Step into the vibrant world of Alberto Chehebar and Jocelyne Katz, passionate art collectors whose home in Los Angeles serves as a gallery of contemporary treasures. From their early encounters with iconic artists to their recent acquisitions, Alberto Chehebar and Katz’s journey through the art world is a testament to their love for creativity and expression.

Early Encounters with Art

Chehebar’s fascination with art blossomed in the bustling streets of New York City during the mid-eighties. Immersed in the energy of the era, he found himself drawn to the iconic work of Keith Haring, frequenting the artist’s Pop Shop and acquiring his first piece, a subway drawing. Raised in an environment steeped in art and design, Chehebar credits his parents for instilling in him a deep appreciation for creativity from a young age.

The vibrant and dynamic nature of Haring’s art captured Chehebar’s imagination, igniting a lifelong passion for collecting. The accessibility of Haring’s work, both in its physical presence in the Pop Shop and its cultural impact, resonated with Chehebar on a personal level. This early exposure laid the foundation for his future exploration of the art world.

The Evolution of a Collection

Returning from college with his first art purchase, Chehebar’s passion for collecting continued to grow. Settling in Miami in 1999 marked a turning point, as his collection expanded to encompass a diverse array of artistic mediums, with a particular focus on photography. Collaborating with Jocelyne Katz for the past 15 years, their shared enthusiasm and complementary approaches have fueled their collective acquisitions.

The move to Miami proved to be a catalyst for Chehebar’s exploration of the art world. Surrounded by a vibrant community of artists and collectors, he found himself immersed in a world of creativity and innovation. Inspired by the diverse cultural landscape of Miami, Chehebar expanded his collection to include works from emerging and established artists alike.

Collaborating with Jocelyne Katz added a new dimension to Chehebar’s collecting journey. Their shared passion for art and mutual respect for each other’s tastes have led to fruitful collaborations and acquisitions. Together, they have navigated the complex and ever-evolving art market, building a collection that reflects their shared vision and individual sensibilities.

Recent Acquisitions and Artistic Pursuits

With an eclectic taste and a penchant for impulse buying, Chehebar’s collection reflects his unwavering commitment to acquiring pieces that resonate with him personally. Excited about recent additions such as works by Judith Linhares and Eliza Douglas, Chehebar’s enthusiasm for discovering new artists remains unabated. Immersed in the vibrant art scene of Los Angeles, Chehebar eagerly anticipates the transformative experience of events like Frieze Los Angeles.

Chehebar’s recent acquisitions highlight his ongoing exploration of contemporary art. By acquiring works from both established and emerging artists, he remains at the forefront of artistic innovation and discovery. His willingness to take risks and embrace new perspectives is a testament to his adventurous spirit and commitment to the arts.

Community and Connections

While rooted in the artistic community of Los Angeles, Chehebar’s focus remains firmly on forging connections with artists rather than fellow collectors. His friendships and collaborations are a testament to his belief in the power of personal relationships to enrich the art-collecting experience.

Chehebar’s deep connections within the artistic community have shaped his collecting journey in profound ways. By fostering meaningful relationships with artists, he has gained unique insights into their creative process and artistic vision. These connections have not only enriched his collection but also deepened his appreciation for the art form as a whole.

Looking Ahead

As the creative capital of the world, Los Angeles holds boundless potential for artistic exploration and discovery. Chehebar eagerly anticipates the upcoming Frieze Los Angeles and the opportunity to witness the city transformed into a sprawling canvas of creativity.

The future holds endless possibilities for Chehebar and Katz as they continue to explore the dynamic and ever-evolving world of contemporary art. With each new acquisition and artistic pursuit, they deepen their understanding of the art form and reaffirm their commitment to creativity and expression.

Highlights and Reflections

Reflecting on recent exhibitions by artists like Mark Grotjahn and Lisa Yuskavage, Chehebar emphasizes the emotional impact of powerful artistic experiences.


Q: How do Alberto Chehebar and Jocelyne Katz curate their collection?

A: Chehebar and Katz approach collecting with a combination of intuition and collaboration. They are guided by their personal tastes and preferences but also value the input and expertise of artists and fellow collectors.

Q: What advice would Alberto Chehebar give to aspiring art collectors?

A: Chehebar encourages aspiring collectors to trust their instincts and collect pieces that speak to them on a personal level. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships within the artistic community and remaining open to new experiences and perspectives.


Step inside the world of Alberto Chehebar and Jocelyne Katz, where art and life intertwine to create a vibrant tapestry of creativity. From their early encounters with iconic artists to their ongoing pursuit of new and exciting acquisitions, their journey through the art world is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication. As they continue to explore the dynamic landscape of contemporary art, their home serves as a testament to the enduring beauty and significance of artistic expression.

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