June 23, 2024

In today’s tough economic environment, single moms have now more then ever taken on the stresses of having to raise a family and makes ends meet. That is why many single moms have chosen to take the opportunity to advance themselves by going back to college, and with the birth of president Obama’s program that provides grants for them to return to school, now is the best time in history for them to better themselves by going back to school.

So, what exactly is this free grant all about?

Within the first term of his presidency, the president passed a bill that has increased the amount of Federal Pell Grants to 5,012 dollars per semester, with the promise of a higher increase by the year 2012. He directly addressed that all single moms should go back to college to further their education and to have more doors opened for them within the workforce.

Right now these grants are available to any single mother who wishes to enroll in college and finish an educational program, all she has to do is fill out a FAFSA, choose either an on- campus or online degree program, and submit the proper documentation.

For many single mothers being able to join an online educational program will allow them to spend more time with their children, cut back on daycare costs, and get their degree or certification in their own free time.

Other benefits of this program is that single moms can get a tax break of up to 4,000 dollars a year based on their school expenses, and they will not have to pay back the money in the future once they have completed their program.

Therefore, any single mother who wants to get help with Obama’s grants for single moms program should hurry up and apply by filling out a FAFSA online, choosing a program, and start on a new road to financial security for themselves and their family.