June 20, 2024

We have been flooring carpets or rugs, whatever you call them for too long now and yet we are unaware about their manufacturing process. We have today dozens of varieties available to choose from.

Today we will discuss about the hand tufted carpets and their manufacturing process in detail to help you get aware about your favourite rugs. The more you know about them, the better it would be for you to handle and take care of them.

Hand tufted weaving method

This type of manufacturing process is considered to be the fastest way of producing a rug by hand. The manufactures can produce variety of rugs using this technique like modern, contemporary and traditional designs.

Wool is considered to be the most sought after material for this type of construction technique. You will find other materials being used as well like acrylic, polyester, viscose_and jute.

These rugs are manufactured using a loop of yarn which is pulled out of the rug’s backing instead of making knots. For the entire tufting_process, a special ‘tufting gun’ is used which is the basic reason why these carpets are cheaper. The manufacturing process is less labour intensive.

The manufacturing process also includes a canvas backing which makes it a lot easier for the weaver as it provides guidance during the weaving process. It is the design imprints at the backing which helps in the weaving process. The canvas is referred to as ‘cartoon’. This is of great help to create even designs and patterns when the weaver is pushing the loops through.

Once the weaver is done with the looping; he will then focus on the backing to add some protective layers over it. This will avoid the piles getting apart from the carpets. It can be referred to as the foundation of your carpet and this will serve for many important purposes. First a layer of plastic or rubber grid is applied (known as scrim) which is then followed by latex glue. The latex glue helps in keeping the pile and backing together. In the end, a final layer is applied for an added protection while offering a grip to the ground to avoid the carpet moving around.

After the backing process, the carpet is sheared and the loops are cut which will translate into the fibres. As compared to the hand_knotted carpets, these require very less labour while looking very similar in appearance.

What added benefits you get with hand tufted rugs?

These rugs come with amazing sets of added benefits which make them a unique piece and a true value for your money. Following is the list of the added benefits which you get when you bring in a hand tufted rug_

  • There is no barrier to shapes and sizes; these rugs can be produced in any shape and size. This means you can provide your custom sizes without any hesitation.
  • An array of colour options to choose from, which means you can give your decor a dashing look in your favourite colour
  • The design possibilities are countless. The weavers can imprint any design element on the carpets.
  • The intricacies are an x-factor with hand tufted carpets.
  • The final product is free from seams.
  • These rugs are durable and are built to last long.

We hope that we helped you understand the manufacturing process of the hand tufted carpets. If you feel excited about these rugs reading the benefits we enlisted above, we would recommend you to visit therugshopuk.co.UK. They have got a huge collection of latest designer rugs in the best prices with free UK delivery.