June 18, 2024

Every generation is better than the last. They dig deeper to find answers to every iota of doubt they have. It may begin with a Google search, but it often lands upon a website of a flour brand that claims to cure diabetes or a grocery portal that says their veggies come fresh from the farm every single day.

They know a lot about the coffee estate from which their coffee was freshly ground at their favoruite café, and they make changes in their home kitchen to break consumption patterns of unhealthy sugar, oil, and butter.

Even on a busy schedule, they are absolutely okay to order in, but they will scout for the clean food makers, and their order depends on it. They have the tech, but now they are using it like never before.

FMCG product makers are also going back to the lab tests and ensuring they are printing facts (not fictional tall claims). The millennials are on the prowl, for hunting down the best on offer. They are the clean brigade with a vengeance. It is a great time for chefs to ride this wave, too. Sometimes, knowing what the customer wants is half the job done. The only remaining job is to bloody well deliver.

They are the superficial generation that wants to show off their lifestyle on social media, and they have no qualms about it. It is a big way in which the forest fire of healthy eating has spread, and rightfully so. Their plates should have taste, style, and a pop of colors that makes it the delectable Instagram post. There have been cases where chefs and influencers put up posts of food they are eating, or cooking and customers follow the lead and try it at home or make it to their restaurants to try it.

The motto of this generation is ‘You are what you eat.’ They have picked up clean habits from their family and also the red flags on controlling their junk intake. They are the indulgent lot that will make amends through work-outs and mindful choices.

They are looking for a reliable story that they can bank on, and this new generation is loyal too. If your avocado shake is made from the freshest produce and is packed with antioxidants and nutrients, they will adopt it into their lifestyle. They will go the extra mile and pay the extra buck to ensure every bite is accounted for.

Be it food in a bowl, exploring veganism, and tracing organic tag in foods, they are going backward into original flours and being the change that revives the millets. Preservation is literally passé. IF you’re storing it, it is not going on their table.

The new-age aggrotech entrepreneurs are making these demands possible. They are narrating environment-friendly stories of sustainability, ethical sourcing, and fair trade (which is a noteworthy addition.)

The millennial eaters want to be wooed, not by discounts and happy hours, but by food and drinks that genuinely uplift their energy levels. It is the beautiful gut feeling they are after.

(With inputs from Mr. Rajan Sethi Founder and Managing Director, Bright Hospitality PVT LTD)

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