May 29, 2024

SELLING your home can be a time-consuming process.

As of November 2021, the average home sits on the market for 22 days, according to RedFin — a real estate brokerage.

Maria Vina-Rodriguez — a Berkshire Hathaway real estate agent in Miami, FL


Maria Vina-Rodriguez — a Berkshire Hathaway real estate agent in Miami, FLCredit: Berkshire Hathaway

Meanwhile, the time to close on a home purchase is about 49 days, as stated by the Ellie Mae Origination Insight Report.

That totals to 71 days, on average, from listing to closing.

This is more than two months.

So, we spoke to Maria Vina-Rodriguez — a Berkshire Hathaway real estate agent in Miami, Florida — for tips on how to sell your home faster.

1. Interview multiple real estate agents

The first thing Mrs Vina-Rodriguez recommends is to interview at least two, if not three, agents so you can understand what value the agent will bring to your home. 

Your house has something special to offer, and you want someone to convey that unique quality to buyers.

By interviewing multiple agents, Mrs Vina-Rodriguez also noted that “you will get a clear expectation of what price you can sell your house”.

This will help you understand the average number of days your house will sit on the market.

2. Be flexible with your time

The next thing you will want to do to help your home sell faster is to be a bit more flexible with your time.

We all have busy schedules, and it is always difficult to set time aside; however, as a seller, you want to make it convenient and easy for buyers to see your house.

For instance, you should not tell buyers that you can only meet on Friday at 9am.

Instead, you should always give them multiple scheduling options.

Also, Mrs Vina-Rodriguez says to “give your listing agent some time to take professional photos and prepare marketing material”.

The marketing material will allow your realtor to advertise your home’s best qualities, and it will draw in buyers quicker.

3. Make sure permits are settled

Permits are required for some home improvement projects, and you will want to tie up any lingering permits.

On the other hand, if you completed a project without a permit, you will want to get a permit for the project.

If you cannot get a permit for the project, you will need to disclose that to potential buyers.

4. Cash offer will be quicker

Accepting a cash offer will help sell your home faster because you will not have to go through the financing process.

For example, a typical mortgage loan process takes approximately 30 days.

However, a cash offer can be turned over in about one or two weeks.

5. Get an inspection

Finally, the last thing you can do to speed up the process is to get a home inspection.

The home inspection serves a couple of key purposes during the home-selling process, including informing buyers of any major repair needs.

During this phase of the home-selling process, a few back-and-forth negotiations tend to happen between the buyer and seller to determine repair requests and price modifications.

However, Mrs Vina-Rodriguez explained that “doing a home inspection prior to listing will help you understand any potential issues” and can cut down the time these negotiations will take.

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