July 19, 2024
Insider Secrets to Home Business Lead Generation

All internet marketers state the truth by saying the money is in your list. The key to internet real estate is to build your list and then focus on building the relationship with your list. Then the sales and recruiting will take care of itself.

As a home business owner and network marketer you may be excited about your business opportunity and you may be promoting that as your front end opportunity when it comes to generating leads.

Well the one challenge you may face with this is what 95% of entrepreneurs and home business owners come across. When you start you are building your pipeline and start gaining some momentum, however it takes time for that pipeline to start bursting on the other end with sales and recruits.

The insider secret lies in promoting information and retail products upfront so you can monetize the cost of your advertising and lead generation before you run out of money in the front end.

Lets face it there are several ways to generate traffic to your website and leads. However 95% of the people run out of money as they are gaining momentum and building their list.

If you are advertising strictly to generate leads and promote your opportunity then you are missing out on a large piece of the puzzle. The bottom line in marketing is that it takes time for your prospect to trust and have confidence in you as the leader they are looking for.

On average it takes 7 contacts/communication for someone to get comfortable with you and join you.

The best way to keep building your pipeline is to promote information products upfront so you can break even on your lead generation. This will keep you generating endless leads and it will keep you advertising your business in the long run. You will not have to worry about making a sale or recruiting someone in the beginning and this week. You will have an abundance supply of leads that you will not have time to call and get back to.

By implementing and using a Funded Proposal System you can promote yourself as the leader to your prospects and offer additional services upfront in addition to your home business opportunity.

By using a funded proposal system you will generate leads daily and you will never run out of money for advertising by implementing all parts of the system. You will make money upfront on information products so you can continue to fund your advertising for your primary business opportunity.

When your prospects are ready to join you in your enterprise and realize you are the leader they are looking for they will raise their hands and reach out to you.

The funded proposal system puts the fun back into the home based business, direct sales and network marketing industry.

Find out how you can implement a funded proposal system with the company of your choice today. Your name will be used and the leads are exclusively yours. Learn how to create endless leads without running out of money and put the fun back into your prospecting and recruiting. Click on the website link in resource box below now!