May 31, 2023

As the bank holiday weekend has just begun, many may be getting the itch to finally start some long-standing DIY projects around the home. However, with new research from Shawbrook Bank revealing that an average of five DIY jobs are currently sitting unfinished in homes across the country – it looks like we may need some help from the experts. From the kitchen to the garden, we spoke to Siobhan to find out what three home improvements she’d recommend homeowners prioritise this summer – as well as what to consider before getting started.

Siobhan explained that for those looking to improve their kitchens, her number one tip would be to “plan” ahead.

She said: “The kitchen is the heart of the home, but there is no denying that it is probably one of the most expensive and difficult rooms to makeover.  Maybe you are interested wall to wall carpets in Dubai.

“That’s why, if you’re looking to get started with your kitchen project this summer, my number one tip is to plan, plan, plan!

“Added expenses that may crop up with a major kitchen project are important to consider.

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Those nervous to carry out home improvements in certain areas and have spare rooms, Siobhan suggests using them as a “creative space” to experiment.

She explained: “It’s not uncommon for spare rooms to become a dumping ground. But for me, I see the spare room as a space you can be extra creative with so don’t be afraid to have fun with it!

“With no one staying in the room regularly, it can be your opportunity to bring your biggest Pinterest inspirations to life (without worrying too much if it’ll fit the taste of your partner, housemate or child!).

“Plus, you’ll have the luxury of time – as long as you don’t have the in-laws making a surprise visit any time soon.

“Use this time to compile photos of inspiration, map out exactly what you need to bring the vision to life and stay practical.”

Siobhan said: “[The garden] is a great one to prioritise as there are some really simple but effective ways you can update your garden – without it having to cost an arm and a leg

“It’s easy to get carried away with visions, but the simplest of updates can turn your garden from drab to dreamy.”

The experts advised tackling the grass first.

She said: “If you feel it never looks quite right, consider replacing your grass with lawn turf for an extra clean look all year round.

“Also consider adding colour by way of extra plants. Or, if flowers aren’t your thing, why not add a vegetable patch?”

Although, when it comes to tackling “the bigger projects”, while jobs like re-decking or re-tiling may seem simple enough to follow via YouTube, one “incorrect measurement” could leave you feeling totally overwhelmed, so be sure to take your time and don’t rush it, says the interior pro.