December 2, 2023

The holidays don’t have to wreck your health goals. The entrepreneurs featured this month are committed to encouraging others and providing resources that keep a healthy lifestyle going all year. Get on board for lifetime change, a foundation of good nutrition, and movement that is fun and sustainable. These folks can help.

It was fun and friendship that helped Samantha Fulmer co-found Kuka Juice, and it is the desire to promote good food and good health that keeps her going.

“My best friend, Abigail, and I, we traveled together in South America after college,” Fulmer says. “Fresh juice was everywhere there. They eat such a whole, plant-based, really good, fresh diet.”

After returning home, the pair wondered why fresh juice wasn’t available to them here. They bought juicers and started making their own concoctions, including green juice. Fulmer says it ignited a passion.

Samantha Fulmer, co-founder of Kuka Juice in Greenville.

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“I ended up going back to school for nutrition,” she says. “When I finished school, I saw that there was a need.”

They started Kuka Juice together in 2014, handing out samples in downtown Greenville and then becoming a vendor at the Saturday Market.

“It just took off from there,” Fulmer says. Abigail Hall, Fulmer’s friend and partner, moved out of state in 2020, and now Fulmer is growing the business on her own.