July 15, 2024
Law roundup: Women get into rhubarb at farmers market

Two women reportedly got into a spat at the farmers market when one of them parked next to the other’s vehicle and hit it when they opened their door. When confronted, she stuck her hand in the other woman’s face and drove off. When Kalispell Police Department officers spoke to both parties the women supposedly worked the matter out, however, later on, one of them called officers very upset that the other wasn’t cooperating. Eventually, the dust settled when parties involved were contacted and insurance was provided.

Officers responded to a report from someone who allegedly heard shots fired and a dog barking and saw a woman holding a rifle when everything went quiet. Officers made contact with a woman who reportedly decided to scare off a neighbor’s dog that scared her by throwing a firecracker in her yard. She said the dog was “eating her fence and tearing it down,” and showed officers photos of the damage. The officers gave her advice on contacting animal control.

Someone allegedly reported a vehicle containing about eight teens for driving recklessly when they saw it backing in and out of a parking spot. The young driver quickly enough gave up and drove away.

Someone calling police from outside of Kalispell allegedly reported a woman was jumped by five people and a video was taken of the incident.

A 9-month-old pitbull purportedly charged a woman in her yard, lunged at a neighbor and then nipped an officer’s wrist. The dog was returned to its owner, who was counseled about having an aggressive dog.

A vehicle with out-of-state license plates was allegedly speeding at about 70 mph when it cut a vehicle off, almost causing it to go off the road while nearly running into oncoming vehicles as it sped through a red light. The person reporting the reckless driver thought the vehicle was going in circles when it passed them a second time.

A man was reportedly using wedge tools to pry open the door of a vehicle, which someone thought was suspicious. He turned out to be the vehicle owner and had locked himself out.

A man with an alleged criminal history was seen pushing his girlfriend over an argument that started in Lake County about him wanting to steal an abandoned vehicle they saw on the side of the highway.

Someone was afraid a man wearing a black trenchcoat was going to get hit because he was reportedly running in the middle of Main Street. He slowed his pace and went onto the sidewalk, but then kept walking into the road and said he wanted to start a fight.

A bicycle locked up at a school was reportedly stolen while the owner was in class.

Officers stopped two people in a dark green 1999 Toyota Camry that was reported as stolen. The vehicle was secured by law enforcement.