July 15, 2024
Lint Roller Products – Who Manufactures Lint Rollers?

Lint rollers are those wonderful little tools we use to remove pet hair, lint, and other debris from clothing, upholstery and home. A simple concept, a lint roller consists basically of a handle and layers of removable adhesive tape. But who manufactures these handy little tools? Here are three major manufactures who make them, so you decide who you wish to buy from.

The Evercare Company: Previously named Helmac, this manufacturing giant created the first consumer lint roller in 1956, the “Helmac Magik Lint Pic-Up®” Since then they have grown in size and distribute their products in mass quantities to retailers worldwide. Their corporate headquarters is based in Alpharetta, Georgia. On their product label, it says the product is made in USA with USA and imported parts.

3M: Who hasn’t heard of manufacturing giant 3M? Founded in 1902 at the Lake Superior town of Two Harbors, Minnesota, this huge company has grown into six separate businesses, innovating a wide variety of consumer products that can be found worldwide including cleaning products and much more, one of which is the lint roller. On the 3M lint roller I looked at, the label says the Scotch brand roller is made in Mexico.

Pepin Manufacturing, Inc.: This manufacturer is based in the small lakeside town of Lake City, Minnesota. Having started up in 1993, Pepin Manufacturing has become a well-known manufacturer of quality medical products and also lint roller products which are distributed worldwide. Pepin Manufacturing lint rollers are made in USA, as noted on the product label.

All three of these major manufacturers provide solid, excellent quality products. While the components of each product may vary, their quality is all extremely good.