April 1, 2023

Before you get bombarded with ads for a quick fix or a new trend, take a deep breath and think about the long haul. Good health for the whole family comes in basic steps. They are simple, even if not always easy, and build your resilience and that of your children. Ready to start? Beth Motley, a family medicine and lifestyle medicine physician and a mom of three, practices what she teaches her patients. Here are her tips for growing a healthier family in the new year. 

Good health for the whole family comes in basic steps.

1. Start with your plate. “From a family perspective, we like to focus on the default eating style – I don’t even like to use the word ‘diet’ – the default eating style being a healthier one where we make good choices. At home, we eat plant-based.” 

Motley recommends a whole food, plant-based diet, but doesn’t focus on what not to eat. 

“Let’s try to include as many healthy things as possible to crowd out the things that are less healthful,” she said. “Offer healthy choices, and if you’re going to a holiday party, give yourself and your family a little more grace.”