July 22, 2024
Make room for more production: palm oil deforestation as result

You probably know it, palm oil. It is in many products that you eat, drink, or use on a daily basis. For example, soap, shampoo, jam, bread, cookies, and much more. More than half of the supermarket products contain palm oil. Palm oil does not come from England but is exported from abroad to England or America. These are exported from exotic areas with a tropical climate. By exporting abroad, almost all companies use palm oil in their products. But because much more is being made, space has to be made on the land for companies, factories, and storage. This has resulted in palm oil deforestation. Would you like to know how you as a company can prevent palm oil deforestation? Then read on.

Cause of deforestation

The palm oil deforestation is mainly due to the need to make room for companies or factories. This is because more products can be made and created here. These products are then sold both domestically and abroad. Just think of cheese, for example. This is not made in England, but in the Netherlands. But Coca-Cola, for example, is also made in America and exported abroad. This allows companies to make more profit. This is because they sell both domestically and abroad.

However, space must be made for factories and companies. As a result, parts of a land or an open field are often confiscated and built on. Because not every part of the country is always empty, palm oil deforestation arises. And that’s why it’s good to read about this subject so you know for sure you will make the right choice.

Just one more… or two

Another cause of palm oil deforestation is settlement. As a result, space must be made for humans on the part of the land where oil palms are located. Because of the palm oil deforestation they can settle and create a place of residence. This is good for the economy. A country can do this as a consideration for a crisis so that more money is lost in the economy. When more money is lost, it also means that people will start to consume more. If that happens, it means more production needs to be done. And when that happens, companies also need more employees and unemployment disappears in a country. By means of palm oil deforestation, the government or government of a country can therefore ensure that the country can recover after a crisis by providing work.