July 15, 2024
Manufacturing Secrets Of Colloidal Gold

A certain process is involved for manufacturing colloidal minerals such as gold, silver, platinum and titanium. Major products which are widely used all over the world are colloidal gold and silver. Colloidal gold is produced with the help of colloidal generator which is useful for the manufacturing of several colloids at the same time. These colloids vary in sizes and each of them has a variety of concentration. Colloidal gold generators have incorporated switched polarity. They require permanent flow of current and they are considered as high frequency pulsation devices. They are attached to a special piece of equipment which is used to stir and homogenize the suspension. The voltage of generator varies from machine to machine. However, the generator of 48v is considered as the most advance form of system.

Colloidal generator plays significant role in order to increase the quality of colloidal gold. The generator creates positively charged atoms of gold with the help of positive electrode which is also known as anode. It has been found that distilled water is suitable for the production of gold colloidal. One of the main reasons is that some ions which are of conductive nature is present in the distilled water. According to study, it has been estimated that colloidal gold takes more time to manufacture in comparison with colloidal silver. This is because of slow formation of positive ions at the anode. In fact, this type of gold takes 2- 3 days in order to reach a 0.5 or 1ppm concentration.

Gold colloidal generator is extremely beneficial for the production of good quality materials. The generator with 48v system is considered as ideal for manufacturing high quality gold particles. In the generator, the suspension depends on the dimension of tiny gold particles. If the dimension of gold particles is small, the colloidal gold is more effective. Nano-particles are extremely beneficial because they have very low dimension. The 48 volt electronic enhances the formation of tiny gold particles that remain easily suspended in the ionized water. This protects the losing of therapeutic values of gold particles. According to the study, it has been found that gold particles larger than 200 nano-meters gives more pink colors. These gold particles have more health benefits in compared with other small particles. They are less biologically compatible and they are more effective for body.

Colloidal gold is far superior to Cationic gold which may be a little complex. In the production of cationic gold, people have to follow a different technological process. Cationic gold require chemical combination which is usually processed in the laboratory. This type of gold is also used in a variety of applications however people usually use gold colloidal because of several health benefits. In many biological processes, the combination of Colloidal gold and Cationic gold is used. Colloidal gold have got enormous significance and is certainly a type of gold that will take a prominent place in the future of medicine.