May 20, 2024

Monody poetry is originally a Greek song of lamentation. The monody or threnody is a poem in which one person laments another’s death. The poem many have any number of stanzas and there is no particular syllable count or rhyme scheme to follow in this style of poetry as one will find in the sonnet form. This is from a person’s heart in that person’s particular form of expression at that moment. Additionally, a threnody is a poetic song or hymn of lamentation performed as a memorial. One of the famous threnody poems in its musical form of expression, narrating grief for the dead or lamentation used for instrumental compositions, is Penderecki’s Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima. It is a musical composition for fifty-two string instruments, composed in 1960 by Krzysztof Penderecki. The following is a rendition of a combined monody – threnody poetic form:

Dearest Mother Living In My Heart

Within my soul is a broken heart torn apart

She dwells therein and for me will never depart

My dear mother has gone home to stay

She has joined her Lord; this I will always pray.

Lifted by an host of angel to heaven where she is welcomed

Her life as a messenger from God on earth has blossomed

I will never forget how she taught me to knelt and pray

Repeating and visualizing God in my own special way

While she is resting on high she is also in my heart

Her essence of praise reminds me of twinkling stars to start

I know that she is always here with me each day

She is missed, but I know within my heart she will stay

My God bless you mother always for being His

Uplifting His name unto others many praises you did give

Knowing the way this life is and its impermanence

One day we will be together again reaping His abundance