May 20, 2024


Richard Mille’s exclusive timepieces are part of their collection from sports stars to movie famous scholars to entrepreneurs.

The pursuit of luxury is always the prime goal of the population around the globe. One of the items of luxury that are in the collections of the wealthy is watches. Many brands offer premium prices across the globe, and one of them is Richard Mille. Richard Mille’s exclusive watches are part of their collection from film stars to famous sportspeople, entrepreneurs, to scholars. The top Swiss luxury watchmaker Richard Mille has many available models. Beginning with the ergonomic design, visually striking lines, and luxury exteriors, it is expensive. The inside design, movement, and refined finishes make it stand out from the rest. Here are 10 of the most expensive Richard Mille watch models that you might think of, according to

1. Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 56-02 Sapphire: US$2 million

This watch is exceptional because it has an all-sapphire sapphire casing along with the brand’s unique “wire movement” design. Its base is constructed of titanium grade 5, and the case, which has anti-glare shields on the bezels on the front and back, is water-resistant up to 30 meters.

2. Richard Mille RM 56-01: $1.85 Million

It stunned people around the world by its minimal precision, exquisite finish, and stunning case that is entirely made from sapphire crystal. Though some critics believe that the sapphire crystal’s look like plastic ruins the look of a luxurious watch, the reality is that this clear look makes the watch extremely exclusive.

3. Panda RM 026-1: $1,592,919 Million

It is also the first watch by Richard Mille to incorporate artwork onto the dial of a watch. This stunning watch comes with a diamond and a black sapphire panda seated tranquility in a golden bamboo forest. In addition, it comes with an alligator leather strap in black and is only available in 30 pieces.

4. Red Skull RM 52-01: $1,413,040 Million

Another fantastic invention from Richard Mille is equipped with an automatic winding tourbillon caliber RM052 built with a base made of PVD treated titanium grade 5. This exclusive timepiece has an esoteric design and an ultra-thin case. Unfortunately, only 30 pieces are available.

Christie’s auction house agrees that Richard Mille’s watches are certainly among the top collectors of the haves. This is because Richard Mille, the maker of the watches, wanted to create premium watches that could take advantage of technological advancement as far as design. This watch looks similar to a miniature supercar that fits worn on your wrist. It is not surprising that Richard Mille often collaborates with auto sports, for instance, in the case of McLaren as well as Ferrari. In the end, in each collection of watches that Richard Mille makes, the quantity is restricted. Every year Richard Mille creates 5000 watches in all.