July 16, 2024
Recreational Softball Coaching Does Not Require Experience

A few years ago, I was called by a friend whether I was game in coaching a 10U and a 8U girls softball travel team. I came clean and said, I’ve never coached! And even though I knew that I was the last individual who should be coaching softball, I also knew that it was the appropriate thing to do. Since then, I have not once regretted accepting the invite to coach! It’s been a great learning experience and an opportunity of a lifetime to spend quality time with my two lovely daughters.

After welcoming the idea to help out coaching, I immediately started researching for softball on the Internet. I found many softball drills, softball practice plans, softball quotes and softball instructional videos. I started to put together ideas from different websites. I decided to showcase those resources accessible from one location hoping to make it easier for you.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that there’s a huge difference between teaching girls the basics of softball and making decisions before, during and after a softball game. What it boils down to is that whether you’ve ever coached or not, coaching a fastpitch softball team can be rewarding and beneficial to that group of girls!!! And believe or not probably more rewarding for you!!! Always keep the focus on your team and you can’t go wrong.

That fall traveling with the girls softball teams brought many learning and joyful experiences. But after a fall and spring of preparing, that summer brought a unexpected experience. My summer girls softball team became the undefeated Champions in our city’s Babe Ruth Summer League. What was even more impressive, we went on to become the 2009 Babe Ruth SouthWest Regional 8U Champions!!!!!

So next time you are asked to help coach softball or any sport, considered it!!! All it takes is some time and effort!