June 24, 2024

Ryff’s AI-powered technology, inspired by the world of gaming, can insert 3D product models into footage that has already been shot, as simply as a gamer could change out armor. For Insight TV, that means the capacity to tailor sponsor opportunities for each local market, spread across 53 countries.

“As the streaming market gets increasingly competitive, we continue to develop relationships to deliver the best experience for our viewers and our brand partners. By offering a combination of high-quality broadcasting and social media exposure with Ryff’s AI-powered technology, we can offer measured results and guarantee returns for our brand partners.” says Natalie Boot, VP Media Sales, Insight TV.

“Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly averse to ads, which makes them an elusive target,” says Roy Taylor, CEO of Ryff. “They don’t object to relevant, subtle product placement, however, which makes this combination a powerful opportunity for brands.”

Ryff’s Placer platform ingests content such as a television episode, and its AI-driven Scene Intelligence software analyzes the content for moments when products make sense to appear, such as a wine bottle on a coffee table.  Ryff then inserts 3D models in place and renders them to match lighting and cinematography, so they look like they were always there. Because the process is so simple, products can show up repeatedly throughout content, making it more likely that viewers will recall them.

Ryff is part of a new breed of Hollywood players, rewriting product placement rules using proprietary AI technology. They can virtually insert products into fully mastered and edited content. This is not VFX. The Ryff solution is inexpensive and practically immediate. Welcome to the future of brand integration.

Press Contact: Theresa Nasi, Sweat + Co, 917.855.2531, [email protected]

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