May 20, 2024

Self-inspection is generally a method used to visualize one’s own business on matters that gives a productive overall review in the sense to increase the positive effect of quality assurance on the pharmaceutical products. There are certain practices to be followed and conform to the guidelines put forward by agencies that control the authorization for manufacturing of food and drugs under pharmaceutical products termed as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The self-inspection team must be in compliance with GMP to succeed in the methodology of quality assurance. Self-inspection in Pharmaceuticals is one of the major milestones to be survived upon oneself for his/her career. It is a way to ensure and protect the products from getting affected in any way. Self-inspection prevents and safeguards the manufacturing unit. Speaking of the self-inspection team, they must have the checklist provided by the manufacturing company management with all valid standards i.e. they must be competent with heavy knowledge in medical drug production activities.

Self-inspection team must strictly undergo by the guidelines by the GMP and make sure the products are perfectly compatible. An inspection must be in accordance with GMP to be approved by the World Health Organisation. It must include- Personnel, Premises and Equipment, Maintenance, Storage of starting and finished products, Production and in-process controls, quality control, documentation, sanitation and hygiene, validation and revalidation program, distribution product customer service, instrument calibration, labels control, results of previous self-inspection and corrective and wrong actions (if any) taken.

The team must specify every detail of the products’ quality and if needed or not regular examinations must be done periodically to ensure the future of the product to be certified. They must keep in mind their job is not only to find faults but to correct them and suggest improvements if necessary for the difficulties and problems encountered.

One must ensure that the company is not just housekeeping or safety audits. The report must contain clean audit records of the analyzed data to be presented before the management. Worthy results must be drawn from focused observation using brains to evaluate the quality of the drug. An annual inspection chart may be made for future reference. It could also encourage the upcoming employees to nurture and evolve with time. Never look for the shortest route as it may end up as a job you get paid for. Make it worth as pharmaceutical companies need to be made steady in all aspects of the existence of humanity.

The auditing data must be uploaded and made visible to all the public as they also could bring up new ideas for the development of the self-inspection program. A team could only exist if there is teamwork. So as a whole one and everyone should contribute and practice to every asset in their life for success to happen. Self-inspection in pharmaceuticals could become an inspirational subject if malpractices are omitted. Every pharmaceutical person should be aimed at having a GMP certified product to be manufactured and retailed.