July 19, 2024
Seven Key Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Curcumin Supplement

Taking a curcumin supplement as part of balanced health nutrition program is an excellent idea. After all it has many health benefits already well known in India and the east. However there are many curcumin supplements out there and it is helpful to use some objective criteria in deciding which one to settle on. Below are some of the criteria that one can use in making the decision.

What is the concentration of curcumin in the turmeric extract?
Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric and most often the curcumin is provided as a turmeric extract. Good products will have the concentration of curcumin within the turmeric at 98% while others will offer you a product with 95% or less. You need to check the concentration of curcumin and the higher the better.

Does the formulation come with other nutrients?
One could take curcumin singly or as part of a balanced, multi-ingredient supplement.  Taking it singly does not provide the opportunity for the various other nutrients that your body needs to be available at the same time. It is therefore best to take it as one of the componenents in a multi-ingredient or multivitamin supplement.

How will your supplement avoid stomach acids?
During the digestive process, all food passes through the stomach before it gets to the upper intestine where it is absorbed. Most supplements are destroyed or rendered ineffective by stomach acids. By using a process called enteric coating, a tablet or capsule can be protected from stomach acids and gets to the upper intestine intact. Some of the cheaper supplements do not use enteric coating and lose a lot of their value before they get absorbed. It is best to get a product where the manufacturer has used enteric coating.

Make sure that only natural ingredients were used in manufacture
There have been major developments in chemical engineering to the extent that it is now quite easy to artificially manufacture supplements from petrochemicals. This saves on cost and hence makes such products cheaper. However the risk is that your product may contain contaminants. It is best to take supplements that have been manufactured only from natural ingredients.

What quality levels are applied during the manufacturing process?
Safety and quality are sacrosanct and there cannot be any compromise on these – it is your health after all. The highest standards of manufacture are used in the pharmaceutical industry. You need to get your nutraceutical from a manufacturer who also uses these same high standards.

How long has the supplier been in business?
It is best to source your curcumin supplement from a supplier who is established and has been in business for many years. With such a provider you can be certain that you are likely dealing with a reputable organization which has dealt with most quality and customer related issues that may have arisen in the past.

Are you getting value for money?
While your supplement need not be cheap, it however has to be good value for money. This is related to what you pay for the product and the number and quality of ingredients.