June 24, 2024

There are any number of way sports collectibles and memorabilia can enliven and function within home office decor and design. That signed baseball perched atop the desk is more than a mere paperweight. It is a tribute to hard won success; an homage to playing as a team; it is the sign of a champion that bearing the signature of a champion as well. In short, that paperweight is a testimonial, a motivational tool that can serve in helping you reach your goals. So what better place than the home office?

Sports metaphors and in fact sports as metaphor have long functioned as inspiration and motivation in helping us identify and achieve our goals providing something of a touchstone along the way. While art tends to be decorative in nature, adding a splash of color to any setting, sporting pieces not only add color but are also aspirational.

Your choice of sport, team and player says can reveal as much about you as your choice in decor. While decor tastes can run from traditional to modern or more eclectic transitional themes and stylings, sports imagery can also provide a reflection of your work style in a home office decor setting.

By example individual sports are a reflection of hard work and endurance with a focus on personal accomplishment. Team sports provide visual allusion to working together to get the job done. No matter what the sport or who the team or the player sports, perhaps more than anything else is about success.

Accomplishment is about skill, talent, focus and endurance no matter what the setting be it the field, the arena, the stadium or the scaling the highest mountain. Be it in front of international audience, hometown fans or just the sense of accomplishment for yourself.

In a home office decor setting involving client contact, sports collectibles can function as an icebreaker, a conversation starter based on achievement and success, and serve to open the door to shared interests. Sports memorabilia can also serve to imply a sense of aspiration and confidence.

Finally, sports collectibles can serve as a starting point for your home office decor and design themes. Whether borrowing from team colors or the drawing from colors contained within the imagery, a multitude of ideas present themselves. Whether the blue and white of the Toronto Maple Leafs, or the verdant greens of your favorite golf course, color abounds in sports.

Sports memorabilia as the starting point for your home office décor is an opportunity to create an image of success and achievement.