June 1, 2023

Through Robert Ferrell, Senior Workforce Engineer, NBBI

It’s that point of 12 months when heating boilers will have to be ready for the heating season.

Prior to shifting the boiler energy transfer to the ‘ON’ place, survey the scene. I’ve taken that command from my first assist coaching. It approach, “Prior to dashing in to lend a hand a sufferer, be sure to’re no longer the second one sufferer.” Survey for possible hazards created via an improperly working boiler or improperly saved subject material within the boiler room.

Your survey will have to ask the next questions: “What’s the situation of the boiler machine,” and “Has any paintings been carried out on or close to the boiler all through the summer season shutdown?”

If paintings has been finished on or close to the boiler, carry out a machine inspection tracing gas traces, feed traces, steam and blow off piping, stack, and regulator vent traces. Take a look at controls and regulate panels for proof of wear and tear and adjustments or unfastened connections. Check out mechanical assemblies comparable to burner linkage and protection valve springs for paint, dust, and rust accumulation which wouldn’t permit simple motion. Take a look at all air flow and combustion air openings are blank and loose from particles.

Evaluate the Producer’s Operation, Repairs, and Instruction Handbook for operation directions. Grow to be aware of the timing series of the automated controls. Then do a start-up take a look at:

  • Check water stage within the boiler, and take a look at the low water gas cutoff; 
  • Check the gas teach valve place;
  • Blank the flame scanner;
  • Check peep attractions at the burner and boiler are blank;
  • For steam boilers, test operation of the feed/condensate machine;
  • For water boilers, test there may be air within the enlargement tank and make up water is to be had;
  • Check electric energy is to be had to each the blower (energy burners and precipitated draft) and regulate circuit.

Get started the boiler via shifting the ability transfer to ON. Reset all handbook reset switches, low-water gas cutoff (LWFC), gas force switches, and force or temperature limits switches. Apply the start-up series. It can be important to isolate the boiler from the machine to heat it up slowly.

Check the flame prerequisites within the combustion chamber.

On gasoline fired non-condensing boilers, a chilly birth might produce condensate leaking from the gasoline go covers and casing. As soon as the boiler water temperature exceeds 150° F, the condensate will have to prevent.

As soon as the unit has warmed, flip energy transfer to ‘OFF’. Check the close down cycle. Then restart. Let it come as much as complete firing charge and open isolation/ prevent valves to place it into the machine. Observe it right through the day, taking a look on the flame, stack outlet, controls, and linkage. Check gasket tightness for each water facet and fireplace facet.

If any odd situation happens all through start-up, flip the ability transfer to ‘OFF’. Examine reason sooner than restarting the boiler.

Primarily based in Columbus OH, Robert Ferrell has greater than 35 years of trade enjoy and a point in mechanical engineering generation. He joined NBBI in 1999, the place he serves as a senior body of workers engineer in its coaching division.