April 14, 2024
Julie Aderhold of Suamico has formed two businesses; one that specializes in household organization and one in gluten-free education.

It might not seem compatible to have two separate businesses — one that specializes in household organization and the other in gluten-free education. But Julie Aderhold of Suamico has started both and believes they are related.

The businesses, Healthy Home Organizing and Gluten Free Navigator, were formed under the same LLC and offer unique services.

“I think they are related,” Aderhold said. “Both deal with creating and managing a healthy life. One area of overlap would be a service I offer my gluten-free clients — organizing their kitchen. After someone is diagnosed and begins a gluten-free diet, they need to completely go through their kitchen and get rid of all food containing gluten.”

Aderhold also recommends replacing appliances such as toasters, wooden spoons and cutting boards that could be contaminated. In addition, separate spaces should be created for family members who have a regular diet.