June 16, 2024

Terry Dean the ex-pizza delivery boy has become a marketing guru over the last 13 years through the system he has designed called Internet Lifestyle Retirement System. So what does this system offer to those seeking to find financial freedom online? Let us take an expert look into the product.

Internet Lifestyle Retirement System is an online and Internet marketing training system designed by Terry Dean. The cost of the system comes at a price of nearly $459 and comes with a 90 day free trial of the personal coaching system. These coaching systems are usually held through live webinars, teleconferences and or, downloadable videos. The coaching will however come at a cost after the 90 days and this will consist of an additional monthly membership fee.

The program itself upon inspection does come with in-depth training in banner advertising, blog, article and video marketing. These platforms for the most part, like article and video marketing are free platforms from which to gather and drive traffic to your opportunity or product. Free platforms have always been one of the most viral of all advertising platforms online. Banner advertising and pay per click are a couple of the paid forms of marketing that this system will teach. These forms of marketing can come at a high cost depending upon where they are placed.

There is a high attrition rate in this industry and for those of us who have found massive success know all to well that it does depend upon two factors. The first factor is the training. Without solid training that is constantly added to and updated the cost of purchasing the latest and greatest learning tutorial could eventually run into the $1000’s of dollars. The other factor is based upon your sponsor and or, mentor/coach. For many this has come as a total let down and the reason for massive skepticism with trying any other program ever again. These factors have led to over a 90% attrition rate with online and Internet marketing failure.

The Internet Lifestyle Retirement System does have many quality trainings to glean much information from. The fact is however, that success no matter what the quality of training will still depend upon your hard work and determination. For those looking into this program it will be necessary to complete all your due diligence before investing into the opportunity.