June 20, 2024

There are several claims that there is an energy in every human’s inner part that makes them exist as human – Life Force Energy. Some people from the yoga side of the world even believe that there are two types of inner energy, and the second one is the mind or consciousness, while Life Force Energy is responsible for our physical state of existence. All living things, including plants and animals, possess Life Force Energy; and it can also be found in our environment. This energy is regarded as the distinction between living and dead; dead people do not possess any Life Force Energy. It is believed that life force energy is responsible for our physical functioning.

The days when you feel energetic and fully refreshed are associated with full and healthy Life Force Energy, while exhausted life force energy will make you tired and irritable. Hence, Life Force Energy is essential for our physical or mental wellness. You can easily keep your Life Force Energy in a healthy state with Tesla Biohealing products, ensuring that your cellular health is constantly recharged and repaired. Tesla Biohealing products are designed to help you enjoy a robust health solution by amplifying your Life Force Energy.


Tesla BioHealing products are Over-The-Counter medical devices that offer natural health support by producing a pure Life Force Energy field. The devices purportedly offer an unmatched practical and powerful solution to people. It is described as a natural and non-invasive health breakthrough that offers solid cellular support. It is suitable for remedying moderate illnesses and disorders, as well as severe conditions. Based on reviews, some people claimed that Tesla BioHealing products had helped them remedy extreme conditions like stage 4 prostate cancer, advanced dementia, severe osteoarthritis, and others.

The Tesla BioHealing products are based on scientific medical research and modern technology. They combine the knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology.

These products are backed by revolutionary energy-based biomedical technology sourced from Nikola Tesla’s discoveries.

Studies have shown that Life Force Energy can boost cellular ATP levels and the rejuvenation of body cells. You can also enjoy improved sexual performance with Teslas BioHealing products.

These devices are designed to stimulate the healing and repair capacity of human cellular health. It can help recharge the body after hard labor. Tesla BioHealing products are FDA-approved devices that purportedly offer completely safe and powerful health support for improved wellness. Tesla BioHealers has been in the market for over three years, and reviews have been great, with more than 5000 individuals reporting no side effects as they enjoy advanced health improvement from these devices.

So far, four Tesla BioHealing products have been launched into the market. The four products are categorized into two: The Tesla Biohealers and The Tesla MedBed Generators. Products in these categories work differently to supply the body with Life Force Energy.

Tesla Biohealers

Products in this category are dedicated to producing a pure Life Force Energy field that can offer people effective and potent health solutions. Tesla BioHealers offer natural healings for a wide range of medical problems. They are best used for remedying moderate medical conditions; however, the combination of several Tesla BioHealers can be suitable for severe and more chronic illnesses and diseases. When Tesla Biohealers are combined, a bigger Life Force Energy field is generated to offer a more effective healing power that can better support cellular health. The products under this category are Tesla BioHealer, Tesla BioHealer for Children, and Tesla Biohealer for Pets 2.0.

Tesla MedBed Generators

If you desire a stronger Life Force Energy field, you should go for the Tesla MedBed Generator; it is designed to generate over 100 times more potent Life Force Energy field than the Tesla BioHealers. The Tesla MedBed Generators can offer faster and more effective solutions to different diseases and illnesses. They are suitable for severe and life-threatening medical conditions, and they offer speedy and substantial therapeutic solutions to illnesses.

According to the manufacturer, one Tesla MedBed Generator is equivalent to one hundred Tesla BioHealers in terms of Life Force Energy generation power. Two hundred Tesla BioHealers correspond to two Tesla MedBed Generators. In size, Tesla MedBed Generator is larger compared to Tesla BioHealers.

Nikola Tesla discovered the Tesla Wave, a technology that confirmed the existence of Life Force Energy and harnessed its use. Life Force Energy has been in use for decades. In China, Life force energy is known as Chi, while it is described as Prana in India.

Tesla Wave is present in all living creatures: animals and plants. Studies have shown that Tesla Wave energy is beneficial to cells and can augment energy generation within the body. It was found to have a strong positive connection with ATP levels in plants and can reduce the aging process.

Tesla Wave is also present in the human body, and research has revealed that it can fortify the DNA for solid resistance against harm by bracing the chemical connections inside DNA. It can also support cellular health by increasing its energy levels and terminate disruptive frequency effects within the body. The Tesla wave can be effective for blood cleansing and the prevention of cancer. The Tesla wave can help increase physical and mental energy, enhance health and sexual performance, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

The Tesla Wave offers a variety of benefits to the body. The fact that this medical device offers natural remedies makes it a good choice. The producer of Tesla BioHealers designed the devices to benefit all and sundry: adults, children, and pets. Below are some of the benefits you can derive from the Tesla Biohealing devices.

  • Natural healing and repair for cellular health
  • The increased energy level in the body (up to 70-90 millivolts)
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Enhancement of the mood and healthy sleep
  • Strengthening of the immune system for disease prevention
  • Increased blood circulation and nutrient absorption
  • Increased metabolism
  • Waste elimination from cells
  • Pain relief and reduced inflammation and fatigue
  • Reduced risk of diseases

The Tesla BioHealer is a biochemical device that helps produce Tesla Waves (pure Life Force Energy field) to support cellular health naturally and not invasively. The Tesla BioHealer device generates the Life Force Energy field in a circumference (circa three ft. radius) around the device, allowing you to benefit from the device when you are within the influence area.

To get the therapeutic effect of this device, you need to place it around you as it produces the Tesla Wave constantly. You should be within the three ft. influence radius for your cells to benefit from the healing force. Tesla BioHealer works naturally and does not require any external force or power supply. It is recommended that you use the device for a minimum of 8 hours daily to enjoy maximum results; hence the most suitable time to enjoy the benefit for the recommended duration would be while sleeping. However, you can adjust the duration and distance from the device depending on your desire.

It is important to note that Tesla BioHealing devices are not certified for pregnant or lactating women and children below six years; this is because no efficacy and safety studies have been done with people in this category. Aside from these people, Tesla BioHealers is purported effective and safe for all other persons. The producer claimed that over 5000 persons have successfully used this device without any problem. If you have any questions about the devices, you can contact the manufacturer on the official website; you can also meet with your medical practitioner for medical advice. Please do not attempt to open the devices as they will lose their potency.

You can easily purchase the Tesla BioHealing devices on the official website. This assures you that you are buying the original product. Below are the prices and offers available for purchasing the Tesla BioHealing devices.

  • 1 unit of Tesla BioHealer for adults costs $599
  • 2 units of Tesla BioHealer for adults cost $1,198
  • 3 units of Tesla BioHealer for adults cost $1,797
  • 4 units of Tesla BioHealer for adults cost $2,396, eligible for an upgrade
  • 5 units of Tesla BioHealer for adults cost $2,995
  • 1 unit of Tesla BioHealer for pets 2.0 costs $499
  • 1 unit of Tesla BioHealer for children costs $399
  • 1 unit of Tesla BioHealing MedBed Generator costs $19,999

Avoid purchasing the Tesla BioHealing device from third-party websites because of scammers.

Q: Is there anything like overexposure to Life Force Energy? Can it be dangerous?

A: No, you cannot be overexposed to the Tesla BioHealing devices. Since the Life Force Energy also exists naturally in the environment, the Tesla BioHealing devices work by increasing the concentration of the Life Force Energy in the atmosphere. The cell will take the necessary energy for optimal performance.

Q: How long will it take to get results?

A: When you use the Tesla BioHealing products, you will get the following signs: increased energy, healthier sleep, clearer mind and brain, pain reduction, enhanced libido, controlled blood sugar and blood pressure, and others.

Tesla BioHealing products are great innovations with unique biomedical healing power that combines the power of physics, biology, and chemistry to offer a ground-breaking bioenergetic technology. According to the producer, these products are backed by scientific medical research, and they can improve, enhance and prolong healthy life. Tesla BioHealing devices can offer you a wide range of benefits that you will likely not get elsewhere. For more information, you can visit the official website.

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