December 3, 2023

1. Taste Salud

Whether you’re charging up for the day’s hustle or coming off your grind, LA-based wellness operation, Taste Salud, is making a splash in health-conscious communities worldwide with their dynamic line of all-natural Aguas Frescas fit for success. In Spanish, “salud” means health, and these drink supplements are easily whisked into your favorite beverage for on-the-go holistic gain. Established in June of 2021, their fruity concoctions are bursting with vital nutrients like elderberry and coconut water powder, quenching your body’s craving one sip (or gulp) at a time. Josh Levya, the founder of Taste Salud, sought elevated selections in fitness utility, introducing a slush of mixes that target familiar bodily functions along with additional concentrated areas that we often overlook. The Piña Pineapple, for example, is loaded with essential vitamins like zinc and B12, but it’s also equipped with antioxidant-rich elderberries and only a single gram of sugar, keeping your body in check without a sweetness overload. All of Taste Salud’s mixes are supported with Wellmune, a clinically-proven power source that strengthens the immune system. Even better, all of Taste Salud’s artillery is dairy-free, soy-free, and completely void of artificial colors or dyes. As we dive into Spring and, soon enough, Summertime, we look to leading figures like Taste Salud to keep the wellness game strong, fun, and full of flavor, be it shaken or stirred into the agenda.

2. Naked Nutrition

Founded in 2014 in the wake of a wake-up call, Stephen Zieminski, cross country and track All-American, established the Naked Nutrition movement in response to deceptive market offerings for healthy supplements. The products he was using weren’t as transparent as they claimed to be, so Zieminski set out to clear the cobwebs and redefine the essence of holistic wellness. Naked Nutrition deals in the bare essentials of peak physical performance, reducing our consumption of vitals to the basics that build out maximum results, with over 50 unique items in stock that target specific areas of wellness, from whey and vegan proteins (sourced from grass-fed California cattle and raw yellow peas, respectively) to dietary supplements and pre-workout support. Through aggressive leadership and clean, traceable marketing, Naked Nutrition has fostered a community of ambitious climbers who seek elevated success in their wellness routines, hold the fluff. Naked Nutrition’s goal goes beyond supply+demand, as they’ve built out a robust presence online that supplies healthy recipes, workout regimes, and tips and tricks of the trade to push yourself and others around you. To make things easier, Naked Nutrition also provides a quiz tailored to your unique fitness goals, streamlining the process so you can get to work. With a bombastic product line leading the future of fitness, Naked Nutrition is teaching us to hold ourselves accountable and expect better, because we deserve better.

3. Third Eye Yoga

As we’ve learned in all forms of yoga, the simplest movement carries the greatest importance. In a similar light, Third Eye Yoga has managed to introduce a relatively simple solution to an otherwise complicated and frustrating challenge for everyday yogis. Founder, Kyle McKay, discovered a pitfall in his hot yoga routines on the very mat he was moving on. As we perspire, our mats can become slippery, and the towels beneath us start to cinch and crinkle in all kinds of weird shapes, taking the focus away from our practice completely. Enter Third Eye, and their expertly designed mat+towel combo unit, redefining the ways we move entirely. Perhaps the most unique feature of Third Eye Yoga’s flagship design is the utility of clipping your towel to your mat on all four corners with one simple snap, literally. The towels that McKay has chosen to work with are elevated themselves, offering antibacterial, quick-dry fabrics that are made of absorbent, microfiber cloth. The mats are premium grade, assembled with non-toxic PU rubber, tear-resistant, waterproof, and 5mm thick for added cushion. When united, these two yogi essentials aid in ultimate, focused energy, allowing you to pour all of your concentration into the practice or workout without stressing over slippage. Presently, McKay administers all orders at home in San Francisco, where he aims to empower your flow with greater focus and simplistic execution.

4. Ruvi

Monitoring your daily dose of fruits and vegetables can be challenging, especially with a tight schedule. Along with tedious preparation and quick spoilage, the struggle is real. Luckily, Ruvi keeps it real with their ultra-powerful fruit and vegetable blends that are easily mixed into water for a shake ‘n stir, on-the-go treat. Founded in 2020 in the heart of Utah’s startup community–Silicon Slopes, Ruvi deals in plant-powered goodness that’s packed with your daily fruits and veggies and nothing less than pure, authentic nutrients. With Ruvi you get 26 fruits and vegetables across 4 dynamic blends that tackle major focal points for overall health and wellness. Jason Budge and Amber Benson, co-founders of Ruvi, employ the powers of freeze-dried ingredients to preserve and enhance their solutions, ensuring each fruit and veggie is harvested at its peak for maximum benefits. Each Ruvi drink contains 4 full servings of fruits and vegetables without unnecessary interference from sugar additives, fillers, or preservatives. All of Ruvi’s blends are non-GMO and work to curb collective food waste, which accounts for 11% of greenhouse gas emissions. By freeze-drying their ingredients, Ruvi ensures that all food is accounted for where it might otherwise be thrown away. With their clean, transparent approach to wellness on the go, Ruvi is reminding us to eat our greens, indulge in fresh fruit, and get back to our roots.

5. Ultima Replenisher

We’re a happy, hydrated bunch at Ultima — playful, positive, fun, and welcoming. And we are here to keep you hydrated. And smiling. 🙂 We care about what you put into your body as much as you do and that is why we’ve created an electrolyte powder mix that is perfectly balanced to fit your lifestyle. Replacing vital minerals lost through sweat, in a formula that is pure, simple, and delicious. Ultima is made with a broad spectrum of electrolytes and trace minerals, plus Vitamin C & Zinc, and uses only plant-based colors & flavors, no junk. Ultima comes in 11 amazing flavors packaged in both on-the-go stick packs as well as 30 or 90 serving canisters. It’s sweetened with organic stevia leaf and has no sugar, carbs, or artificial sweeteners. Vegan, Keto, NonGMO Project Verified & Gluten-free. Hydrate Happily! 20% off! Code: HAUTE20 at @goUltima

6. Dope Minerals

Dope Minerals reaches beyond our perceptions of holistic health into a world that’s ripe with essentials like magnesium and CBD, two top-shelf ingredients that make up their dynamic topical creams and wellness products. This all-natural skincare line strives to inspire a better quality of life through its innovative cosmetics and body spreads that tackle familiar struggles like aches and pains, migraines, mood swings, and muscle tension. The spice of life is achieved with simple, earthly ingredients that enhance our lifestyle rather than diminish it, and all of Dope Minerals’ offerings are cruelty-free, vegan, and non-GMO, and made with love. On Instagram, Dope Minerals has fostered a collective of supporters who listen and learn from each other on how to embrace a vibrant existence, pulling inspiration from natural nutrition and smart hygienic practices, like their original, Magnesium Bath Bombs, which are carefully designed with or without CBD, depending on your preference. Dope Minerals provides an educational edge to their movement of wellness, using their expertise to show others the difference in choice. Both Magnesium and CBD are products of the earth and provide only the finest level of health when used properly, which is through skin absorption. With Dope Minerals in tow, you can rest a little easier knowing the stuff of the earth has got your back.

7. Love Corn

Snacking on-the-go deserves a better reputation, and Love Corn, the plant-based, gluten-free option for corn treats, is switching it up with munchies that taste as good as they feel. With five unique flavors in its profile including Habanero and Sea Salt, Love Corn has managed to find their place in a range of settings beyond simple snacking. Recently, the company partnered with Sainsbury to whip up a decadent, chocolate-smothered corn nut that’s dripping with flavor, and they have generated plenty of buzz from the likes of Cosmopolitan and The Beet surrounding their healthy favorites. Love Corn works well on its own, or as a complement to your favorite salad. During the Summer, these tiny heroes are the perfect pairing sitting fireside in the mountains or with your toes in the sand, and the best part? You’re still making the healthier choice. This UK-based outfit is available for online purchase as well as select retailers like Sprouts, Kroger, and Whole Foods. Love Corn is the crunchy, fun-sized best friend for your next adventure, fitting seamlessly into your pants’ pocket or weekend bag if you’re packing the resealable 40oz haul, perfect for sharing, of course.

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