May 20, 2024

Super Flux, also known as High Flux LEDs are rectangular packages of LEDs with 4 pins. Generally Super Flux has three types of size, 3mm, 5mm and flat top with four colors, red, green, blue, white, warm white available. It is more and more used in the various lighting applications particularly in automotive industry in tail, stop and turn lights. Below are four factors make Super Flux LEDs popular.

Ability to provide maximum flux on PCB

Super Flux is able to emit the maximum lightness with the less power cost than other transitional LEDs. When LED lighting products are based on PCB. This feature enables LED manufacturer use less number of LEDs to attain the brightness required and lower whole product cost. It is the definitely choice of LEDs when designing on PCB.

Good resistance against moving

The design of 4 pins enables Super Flux fix solidly, even in the rigorous situation such as vibration or collision, it will not be damaged or separated from the PCB. While the two pins LEDs apparently are easier to crack when suffers from such vibration or collision. This is why Super Flux is widely used in the automotive tail lamps which frequently subject to heavy shocking, nit has the best stability among all the environment.

Lowest thermal resistance

Thanks to large lead frame design, Super Flux has the lowest thermal resistance comparing with other through- hole LEDs.When working at the same power, the temperature rise at the LED junction is only half of that at other traditional LEDs. That being said, Super Flux is able to be working under a relatively wide range of temperature at high input power. With this advantage, it is very suitable to be used in high performance applications where low thermal resistance is a must.

Broad selection of viewing angles to suit various applications

Super Flux LEDs offer wide choice of viewing angles categories which includes 40 degree, 70 degree, 90 degree, 120 degree, etc. The wide viewing angle is very important specially to the automobile tail tights, as a result it is the best choice. These selection also give Lights engineers more options to work out a lighting solution.