May 29, 2024

Millenials have had a unique experience growing up in between the uprising of network technology and traditional values around communication and social norms. When we were all growing up, a lot of things around us were changing, including the ways that people carried and took care of themselves. The internet, social media, electronic music, healthcare, self care and the housing market are all examples of things that were prominently changing or being conceived alongside the millennial generation. For many in this age group, real life is starting to take hold and there are some practical questions that need to be answered. Like how to file taxes or changing a tire for example. The millennial generation wants practical skills paired with the knowledge of self care and personal growth. This list answers some much sought after answers to questions that every millennial has asked at some point in their adult lives.

How Long Does Bread Last Refrigerated?

If you’ve ever bought a brand new loaf of bread and woken up to having it moldy, you probably asked yourself how long does bread last in the fridge? The answer might not surprise you, but it requires a little more specific intention than just popping it in there. Most of us know that bread really doesn’t last long, so adding life to store bought or homemade bread is a great money saver. It’s important to keep your bread wrapped when refrigerated first and foremost. When bread is refrigerated, it goes through a process called retrogradation which prevents it from growing mold and degrading. Refrigerating bread can add up to five days to the life of the loaf.

How to do Your Own Eyebrows

Home beauty regimes are all the rage with so many influencers taking to social media to share their beauty routines. For those that want to avoid paying expensive salon fees, you’ll want to learn how to become an eyebrow specialist for yourself so you can always keep yourself looking clean right from home. Learning how to keep your brow symmetrical, trim carefully and in the right direction are essential to making sure you can tweeze your own from home. You should also consider brow pens, gels and serums which are great for adding thickness to your brows.

How Often Do I Exfoliate?

Acne and skin dryness is a common issue among millenials. You might be wondering ‘how often should I exfoliate?’ The answer has more to do with your skin type than seeking one definitive solution. Those with sensitive skin should exfoliate less, while oily skin tends to respond well to a regular routine of three to four times a week for exfoliation. For anyone with a combination of dry and oily skin, exfoliation should happen regularly but less often. People with a combination skin type should exfoliate as needed and check in every month or so with the affected areas.

What are the Greatest Ambient Albums of All Time?

The millennial generation is in a unique place in the history of music and art. Right on the cusp of technological advancements and traditional composition techniques, electronic music gained its popularity during and after the late 80’s and early 90’s. These years were witness to the rise of some of the creators of the best ambient albums of all time, such as Brian Eno and Tim Hecker. Ambient music has a long history stemming before the 80’s, however, with roots going back as far as the 1950’s. Terry Riley and Robert Ashely are notable composers during the 60’s-70’s that pioneered the genre for future generations.

How Much Oil?

Knowing when your oil needs to be changed is an essential skill. If you plan on changing your cars’ oil on your own, you might be wondering ‘how much oil does my car need?’ The answer depends on the condition of your vehicle, how much mileage it has, and how many cylinders your engine has. There are a variety of high mileage oils and synthetic oils that tend to be more efficient in newer vehicles. 5-6 quarts of oil is appropriate for engines with 4-6 cylinders.

How to Curl Short Hair

Curly hair is in, and those that have short cuts might be wondering how to curl short hair. There are a few different techniques including using a smaller baller for a tighter curl, braids for a non-heat solution, curling wands and flat irons. With any heat based method, it’s important to apply heat protectant to protect your hair from burning on the iron.

What to Wear When Running

For anyone taking on a regular exercise routine, you might be wondering what to wear when running. Running apparel should be moisture wicking, quick drying and allow for easy movement. Consider this when choosing running apparel like shoes, shocks, shorts, tops and sweatbands. In warmer weather and climates, be sure to wear light and breathable garments that are designed to be worn in hot temperatures.

How to Get More Twitter Followers

The influencer market is growing day by day. For anyone trying to boost their presence and following, they will be looking to find more followers on any social media platform. For those wondering how to get more twitter followers, they will want to make sure they are posting as consistently as possible, keep up with trending topics and make public connections with other twitter profiles. This will help boost followers and solidify a presence on one of the most important social media platforms.

What Are B Vitamins?

The supplement industry has boomed exponentially in the last few decades, and many helpful vitamin regimes have come and gone over the years. Some essential vitamins have remained as helpful regimes, and one of the few that get ignored is vitamin B. What do B vitamins do you might ask? B vitamins encourage cell health and growth, help metabolism, encourages the production of hormones, and are great for gut health. B vitamins should be an essential part of anyone’s diet alongside C and D vitamins.

How to File Taxes

For most making low to moderate income, filing your taxes doesn’t need to be stressful. If you’re wondering how to file taxes, there are a ton of resources you can access for free. In fact, many don’t realize that most can file taxes completely for free, and often receive a refund! Millennial taxpayers should have a solid understanding of how to file and what resources are available to them when they have questions.

How to Change a Tire

For anyone with a regular commute, or travels often, they’ll eventually run into a flat tire. It’s great to have roadside service available, but sometimes it can save your life to know how to change a tire. To do so, you’ll need to make sure you have a jack, spare tire, a lug wrench and the vehicle manual. Changing a tire to a spare isn’t difficult, but it requires practice and preparedness.

How to Rent a Home

One of the ways many millennials are stepping up is in their living situations. Many are starting to slowly move out of cramped apartments into more comfortable houses, and many are wondering how to rent a home and what goes into it. There are responsibilities that differ from apartment rentals such as potentially higher utility costs, neighborhood relationships and lease negotiations.

These essential pieces of knowledge are essential for any millennial adult trying to move forward in the next phase of their life. Knowing how to take care of oneself and maintain a comfortable lifestyle is an important part of getting older and establishing a place in the world.