June 20, 2024

Coasters are small, and often overlooked accessories which are mainly used for functional purposes, namely, to protect your surfaces from scratches, spills, and other forms of damage that may arise over the course of their use. However there is also another function these small, but important pieces can serve; decorative. That’s right, despite their tiny size coasters can actually be wonderful accessories for making your home a more beautiful and comfortable environment.

One of the great things about coasters is their transitional nature. They can be moved easily throughout an environment, allowing you to constantly change the nature of the way the space works. They can shift and flow with the tides of time, here one day, there the next, slipping beneath a drink wherever it falls, or dancing along the lines of décor, spreading color and hue throughout the environment.

One way to use coasters is to create a theme. Choose pieces which are printed with interesting photos representing a holiday, a season, or even just an emotion. Then spread them throughout the room and watch as the environment starts to change, slowly taking on the nature of the theme of your choice.

There are two ways to keep coasters in your home. One is the place the pieces all lined up neatly in a stack, or stored away in a coaster holder. The other is to spread them throughout the space, placing them here or there where they will be most strategically advantageous. In the former method, you have a single, neat orderly stack; in the latter you have a horde of beauty, which can cast a net of color across a room.

In the end, there are many purposes for beverage coasters, drink coasters, and other pieces in the home. They are functional by nature, stopping spills and scratches, collecting trash, and generally standing between your table tops and the surly world. However on the other hand they can actually be decorative tools, allowing you to spread beauty and color throughout an environment.