June 24, 2024

The Greatest fighter to have ever lived, even though the sport is relatively young, there have been many great fighters to have graced the ring, the cage and bar none Fedor has been the best. He is no mystery but he has this power to make people like him.

Maybe it is the fact that Fedor is such a modest person. He was born in Ukraine but his parents went to Russia and took him with them. He grew up in a small town. He wasn’t born perfectly, he had some problems in his limbs and his body as a baby, the main reason his parents went to Russia to get better treatment. To think a kid with some problems in his body and still having them when growing up with beat the hell out of tough heavyweight monster is just incredible.

It is often said those with a disadvantage in life, challenge it more than others. Maybe the case in this situation. He is liked for being modest, you can see this with his low life style, he doesn’t have a strict diet or anything, maybe that’s why he’s weight looks so natural and round. He also is a devoted Christian but says he can fight because that’s passion and it has nothing to do with his beliefs. He is also a great parent, he loves his family and often speaks about how they motivate them to perform. His little girl likes to watch him fight but the older one knows the consequence of injuries so she avoids watching them.

Fedor’s mother was a teacher so he was pretty devoted to school and he also spent sometime in the military.

One thing Fedor has often said is that he loves the sport but he loves to represent his country, Russia. This is the greatest honor for him, higher than any belt or tournament. Often when he wins his fights he goes first for the flag of Russia before the championship belt(even though the WAMMA Belt doesn’t mean much). Just goes to show Fedor has pride and whenever he goes out there he defends more so than a random belt.

Fedor is still the number one MMA Pound for Pound fighter in every MMA point rating system out there. There are rumors that he might come back to MMA but you never know. One thing is sure, he will remain the champ for people.